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State Images Library

The state images library is under construction. 

If you are a state agency and you have encountered a broken link on your page where the image used to be, contact the State Web Information Publisher

Provide the following in your email:

  • a description of the image
  • the title of the image you were linking to (usually it's a number and a descriptive name)
  • the size you need:
    • 370px x 206px (for task boxes -- the images in the middle of a home page)
    • 1280px x 350px (for splash images -- the image at the top of a home page)
    • High resolution for printing purposes
and we will email the image to you.

Thank you and we are sorry for any inconvenience.


Oregon State Seal (contact the Secretary of State via email)
Oregon State Flag (contact the Secretary of State via email)

Neither the State of Oregon nor the agency endorse or sponsor the products, services or information provided by the following links.

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