About Us


The Oregon Department of Aviation serves Oregon through a three-fold focus of advocating for the economic growth, infrastructure improvement and safe operation of aviation in Oregon.


Advocate for safe operation of aviation in Oregon and the growth and economic development of airports and their communities.

10 Year Goals:

Strong System of Oregon Airports that enable:
·        Statewide Transportation via Commercial, Charter, Business Aviation
·        Expeditious Movement of Air Cargo, (FEDEX, UPS, USPS)
·        Commerce: Businesses locate where there are airports
·        Support to Local Community (Restaurants, Shops, Motels)
·        Hub for Emergency services (Medevac, Firefighting, Disaster relief)
·        Thriving Aviation Industry
·        Thriving Pilot Community
·        Sustainable Funding for Rural Airports and Department of Aviation

Strategic Initiatives:

      1) Update Oregon Aviation Plan (2007) as part of the Oregon Transportation Plan.
      2) Support Oregon aviation-related jobs and businesses.
      3) Support Aviation Industry Cluster.
      4) Support Unmanned Aerial Systems development.
      5) Work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and State Leadership on policies and funding for
          Oregon airports.
  • Enhance the Statewide Capital Improvement Program (SCIP)
  • Represent statewide aviation on ConnectOregon Modal Committee.
  • Represent statewide aviation on Freight Advisory Committee.
      6) Support commercial air transportation among Oregon cities.
  • Plan for Marketing Study.
  • Work with Stakeholders and Communities on Innovative Strategies and Funding.
      7) Improve safety and operational condition of State owned and operated airports.
  • Strive for financial self-sustainability for state owned airports.
  • Implement required five year capital improvement projects.
  • Construct the Aurora ATC Tower to enhance safety at the Aurora airport.
      8) Outreach to Oregon Aviation Community
  • Assist land use jurisdictions with attaining compliance with Airport Planning Rule (OAR 660.013).
      9) Advocate for policies and funding favorable for Oregon airports.
    10) Sustainable funding for Department of Aviation.
    11) Customer service oriented approach to Oregon Aviation enterprise. Practice continuous improvement.