Aurora Master Plan
More on the Aurora Master Plan
The Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) has completed the FAA Master Plan Update for the Aurora State Airport. This Federal Aviation Administration funded process evaluated current and future airport operational trends and usage in order to develop a 20-year development plan based on projected airport and community needs. The plan will serve as the foundation for ODA’s development efforts for the Aurora State Airport. The Final plan has now been approved by the FAA and the Oregon Aviation Board.

The complete final draft and approved documents will be published on this page in December 2012.
The next step in the Master Planning process will be to coordinate the final adopted plan with Marion County. ODA expects these efforts to begin in 2013.

For more information or questions please contact Heather Peck, Planning Manager at (503) 378-3168 or
heather.peck@aviation.state or Matt Mass, State Airports Manager at 503-378-2523 or via email