Aviation System Action Program (ASAP)                                  


In 2015, the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bill 2075 to increase the fuel tax on Aviation Gas (AV Gas) and Jet Fuel by .02 cents per gallon to invest in aviation for specific purposes, as noted below, resulting in the Aviation System Action Program (ASAP) Fund.  The fuel tax increase became effective January 1, 2016 and currently has a sunset date of January 1, 2022.

Funding Programs

The ASAP Fund allocates and distributes the proceeds1 from the fuel tax increase among three new programs, in accordance with OL 2015 c.700 §7:  COAR Grant Program, ROAR Program, and SOAR Program.
1 After a 5% set-aside to the Oregon Department of Aviation for costs of the department and the State Aviation Board in administering the programs.

Reports to Legislature

ORS 319.020(8)(b)(B) requires ODA to submit a report to the legislature on the ASAP program. The current report may be found here​

COAR - Critical Oregon Airport Relief Program

Fifty percent of the amounts from the fuel tax increase shall be distributed for the following purposes:
    (A)  To assist airports in Oregon with match requirements for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program grants.
    (B)  To make grants for emergency preparedness and infrastructure projects, in accordance with the Oregon Resilience Plan, including seismic studies, emergency generators, etc.
    (C) To make grants for:
               1.  Services critical or essential to aviation including, but not limited to, fuel, sewer, water and weather equipment.
               2.  Aviation-related business development including, but not limited to, hangars, parking for business aircraft and related facilities.
               3.  Airport development for local economic benefit including, but not limited to, signs and marketing.

ROAR - Rural Oregon Aviation Relief Program 

Twenty-five percent of the amounts from the fuel tax increase shall be distributed for the purpose of assisting commercial air service to rural Oregon.

SOAR - State Owned Airports Reserve Program 

Twenty-five percent of the amounts from the fuel tax increase shall be distributed to state-owned airports for the purpose of:
     (A) Safety improvements recommended by the Oregon State Aviation Board and local commuity airports.
     (B) Infrastructure projects at public use airports.

COAR Grant Program

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Rules and Statutes 

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Stay Informed

To get updates on the latest information about our grant programs, subscribe to the ASAP electronic mailing list by sending an email request with the subject line “ASAP Mailing List Request” to:  ASAP@aviation.state.or.us


For Further Information Contact:

     Heather Peck
     ODA Planning and Projects Manager
     Nohemi Ramos
     Fiscal Analyst / Grant Coordinator
     Matt Lawyer
     Program Coordinator
     Cathy Clark
     Planning and Programs Administrative Coordinator