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About Us
Mission Statement
Support Oregon communities by preserving and enhancing aviation

Annual Performance Measures

The Oregon Department of Aviation serves the state of Oregon through its three-fold focus of advocating for the growth, improvement and safe operation of aviation in Oregon.
In addition, ODA is committed to the development and realization of its strategic plan by addressing statewide aviation issues, participating in multi-model coordination, carefully coordinating and managing aviation-related legislation, and providing assistance to aviation constituents, airport owners/sponsors and aviation system users throughout Oregon.
Strategic Initiatives 2008 – 2013       State Aviation Board Review Date: Nov 15, 2007
  1. Protect Airports through Land-Use:
    1. Legislation to strengthen enforcement with Airport Planning Rule (APR); add more public use airports to current list
    2. Assist jurisdictions with attaining compliance with APR, beginning with high-risk jurisdictions
    3. Legislation to require real estate disclosure, land-use activities within Part 77 surfaces
  2. Influence Federal Aviation Administration policies and funding for Oregon airports (i.e., residential airparks, GA entitlement)
  3. Acquire property and construct public-use airport in Southeast Oregon.
  4. Develop and mature information systems (AERO, AIMS) into Oracle-SQL-based systems.
  5. Support Communities through economic development:
    1. Legislation to allow through-the-fence program at public-use airports (where supported by communities)
    2. Establish self-funding districts (airport or tax-increment) to fund improvements to statewide airports.
    3. Establish/support public-private partnerships on state-owned airports
  6. Implement Electronic Airport Layout Plans available from website.
  7. Support higher-education degree(s) for aviation disciplines.
  8. Implement Five-Year CIP, 2008-2013, including airports only supported by state/local funds.
  9. Identify state-owned/operated airports for self-sufficiency; develop Business Plans to implement
  10. Fund and construct Control Tower at Aurora State Airport.
  11. Fund and construct critical Airside Facilities per the State Aviation System Plan (runway lighting, instrument approaches, weather stations)
  12. Promulgate use and effectiveness of satellite-based navigation systems.
  13. Improve or re-construct department administrative facilities
  14. Maintain state-owned/operated airports using sustainable methods (pre-positioned equipment, local agreements, etc)
  15. Protect developable land adjacent to Independence State Airport. 
  16. Obtain required number and type of staff for airport maintenance.
  17. Add Cape Blanco State Airport and other airports into the NPIAS program due to its value for emergency response.
  18. Coordinate and lead efforts to ensure availability of fuel supply required for general aviation aircraft.
  19. Implement sustainability practices at state-owned airports; provide example to other airport sponsors in sustainability practices
  20. Improve security at certain airports, including access, perimeter, hangars, fuel facilities
  21. Inspire, lead and resource volunteers to enhance airports and airspace safety.