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Oregon Aircraft Registration Information
Aircraft/Drone Registration FORM
Drone Registration only required for Public Bodies - State Registration not required for Private Use Drones​
ORS 837.040 requires every Oregon resident who owns an aircraft that is based or flown in Oregon, or any non-resident who owns an aircraft based or flown in Oregon, or any owner of an aircraft used for commercial operations in Oregon must register that aircraft with Oregon Department of Aviation within 60 days of being subject to registration. Fees from aircraft registration help the Department of Aviation provide airport improvements and maintenance at public use airports across Oregon, as well as provide aviation system planning and other activities to strengthen the state-wide aviation system.
You have 60 days to register when you buy a new aircraft, bring an aircraft into Oregon, or return to service an aircraft previously incapable of flight.
ORS 837.045 provides that if an aircraft registration deadline is missed, the aircraft owner will be assessed a penalty fee. The fee may be prorated. Call the Registration Program Specialist at Oregon Department of Aviation to receive assistance calculating the exact amount of the fee that you owe.

Single engine fixed wing, piston $65
Single engine fixed wing, turboprop $250
Multiengine fixed wing, piston $150
Multiengine fixed wing, turboprop $300
Turbojet fixed wing $700
Helicopter piston engine $65
Helicopter turbine engine $175
Lighter than air, home built, sailplane, gyrocopter or  
Ultralight aircraft
Ex-military multiengine or turbojet/ex-air carrier  $300
​UAS - public entity under 55 lbs. ​$25
​UAS - public entity 55 lbs. or greater ​$50


If aircraft is incapable of flight, aircraft owner may be able to receive a temporary exemption from registration fees. To qualify for an exemption the aircraft must be in need of major repairs to make it safe to fly. Examples; (major engine overhaul, wing spar replacement, landing gear damage, etc.) repairs such as annual maintenance, repairing broken or worn items such as tires, windows, or awaiting annual inspections cannot be approved for an exemption. The aircraft exemption will be valid for one calendar year and must be renewed annually until the aircraft becomes flyable, and at that time the aircraft owner must contact The Dept. of Aviation immediately to resume the registration process.
If you have questions about registration requirements, you may contact us by telephone at 800-874-0102 or by e-mail at aviation.mail@state.or.us.