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Rural Oregon Aviation Relief (ROAR)

In 2015, the Oregon State Legislature passed House Bill 2075 to increase the fuel tax on Aviation Gas and Jet Fuel by 2 cents per gallon resulting in the Aviation System Action Program (ASAP). ASAP invests in aviation for specific purposes. The fuel tax increase became effective January 1, 2016.

The Rural Oregon Aviation Relief (ROAR) Program was for the purpose of assisting commercial air service to rural Oregon. The ROAR program did sunset on January 1, 2022. Airport sponsors and qualified Aviation Stakeholders that are interested in funding opportunities for Rural Airports or Rural Aviation Programs are encouraged to apply for grants through Critical Oregon Airport Relief (COAR) program.




Thank you for your interest in the ROAR program. At this time, the ROAR program has been paused temporarily pending rulemaking and development of a statewide plan for the use of grant funds targeting commercial air service in rural Oregon.

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