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Land Use Compatibility Guidebook

The 2003 updates to the Oregon Department of Aviation's Airport Land Use Compatibility Guidebook were approved by the State Aviation Board in January 2003. It serves as a primer on airports and compatible land uses and is a critical first step in providing understanding and information in the developing area of land use compatibility in the airport environs. You may download this resource in its entirety or merely target the chapter you need, or you may request the guidebook in its entirety from the agency.


Download Guidebook (Full report here, or sections below)


table_contents.pdfTable of Contents
chapter_one.pdfChapter One: Airport Planning - The Oregon Model
chapter_two.pdfChapter Two: ODA Goals and Policies for Land Use
chapter_three.pdfChapter Three: Importance of Land Use Planning
chapter_four.pdfChapter Four: Roles, Responsibilities & Funding
chapter_five.pdfChapter Five: Federal and State Regulations
chapter_six.pdfChapter Six: Techniques for Establishing Compatible Land Use Planning
chapter_seven.pdfChapter Seven: Resources for Airport Compatible  Land Use Planning


appendix1_index.pdfAppendix 1: Index
appendixa_airport-planning.pdfAppendix A: Airport Planning
appendixb.pdfAppendix B: Airports and Landing Fields
appendixc.pdfAppendix C: Transportation Planning
appd.pdfAppendix D: Model Public Use Airport Safety and Compadibility Overlay Zone for Public Use Airports with Instrument Approaches
appe.pdfAppendix E: Model Public Use Airport Safety and compadibility Overlay Zone for Public Use Airports with Only Visual Approaches
appendixf.pdfAppendix F: Model Private Use Airport Safety Overlay Zone
appendixg.pdfAppendix G: Model Public Use Airport Zone
appendixh.pdfAppendix H: Model Private Use Airport Zone
appendixi.pdfAppendix I: Sample Agreements and Easements
appendixj.pdfAppendix J: Measuring Aircraft Noise
appendixk.pdfAppendix K: FAA Form 7460-1 Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration
appendixk_instructions.pdfAppendix K: Instructions
appendixl.pdfAppendix L: Publicly Owned Public Use Airports with Three or More Based Aircraft
appm.pdfAppendix M: Privately Owned Public Use Airports That Provide Links in Essential Safety of Emergency Services, or Are of Economic Importance
appendixn.pdfAppendix N: Privately Owned Private Use Airports with Three or More Based Aircraft
appendixo.pdfAppendix O: Publicly Owned Public Use Airports with Less Than Three Based Aircraft