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Statewide Capital Improvement Plan (SCIP)

The SCIP is a FAA/ODA joint partnership for the development and management of the FAA Non-Primary Entitlement (NPE) transfer program. NPE funding is used for ongoing implementation of the FAA’s rolling five-year capital improvement program for every General Aviation (GA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) airport in Oregon. The Program Coordinator assigned to manage the FAA deliverables is Jeff Caines, who works closely with the FAA on priorities and deliverables. This program management is funded through the yearly ODA System Planning Grant from the FAA.

  • ODA maintains and updates the database for all FAA NPIAS airports to input their individual 5 year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This database is available to the FAA and the state for ongoing updates and review. This database holds airports back-up documentation for projects, data sheets, master plans, Airport Layout Plans (ALP’s) and any other documents pertinent to the development of the airport.
  • ODA works with the NPIAS sponsors and the FAA to accurately capture the yearly and projected needs for the state for FAA funding.
  • ODA is responsible for managing and coordinating all yearly (October) required Joint Planning Conferences (JPCs) between the airport sponsors and FAA to discuss and prioritize the next CIP.
  • An individual Airport CIP consists of a 5 year look ahead at projects agreed upon by both the FAA and airport sponsor; these projects are generally derived from data in the Master Plan, ALP, and pavement evaluation program (PEP). The projects on the CIP MUST be eligible and justified per FAA requirements.
  • ODA manages and utilizes the software program that assists the FAA to properly document and fund the needs of the state aviation. This look ahead also identifies upcoming large-scale projects and state needs to assist the FAA in determining regional funding priorities.



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