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Enterprise Information Services is delighted to work closely with our partners in the private sector to meet customer needs and promote fruitful relationships. 


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Basecamp works closely with the vendor community to help meet EIS strategic goals and satisfy the demands identified in the Technology Reference Model. Register with the Basecamp program to give us information on what products and services your organization provides.  

IT Catalog

If you are looking to find IT products and services available through established statewide agreements, the IT Catalog is the resource for you. The catalog will provide key information on the service and project, including description, expiration and in the future, metrics related to the performance and usage of the contract. In addition, you will have a link directly to the OregonBuys Award Resources Page that will provide you contacts to get your IT acquisition started.


The OregonBuys system provides access to procurement information issued by partners across state and local government. Vendors are encouraged to complete the supplier registration to stay appraised of opportunities and engage procurement services. 

Questions frequently asked by vendors 

​In future versions of the IT Catalog​, performance data will be located under each statewide agreement.    

Basecamp plans to hold quarterly events that will provide program updates, demonstrate the latest product/service offerings and ask for feedback on future work. Sign up to receive event notices.

Customers and vendors are encouraged to visit the Vendor Management page to submit a program evaluation form.

To ensure optimal vendor performance, customers are encouraged to complete quarterly customer satisfaction surveys and to provide feedback at anytime through the customer satisfaction form.

Information about products and services offered through the Basecamp Program can be found in the IT Catalog.​ Select Contract Information under each statewide agreement to view purchasing resources available in the public-facing OregonBuys Award Resources Page, including Buyer's Guide and pricing information. Select the + to expand the row for additional resources, including Kickoff Event recordings.

​Click on the Contract Information link under each statewide agreement to view the Buyer's Guide available in the public-facing OregonBuys Award Resources Page. The Buyer's Guide will walk you through the process. Please ensure you follow all applicable procurement polices your organization may have.  

Customers are encouraged to visit the vendor management page to submit an improvement request or email Basecamp directly at

Most events are recorded and highlighted videos can be viewed in the IT Catalog​ under each statewide agreement. Press + to expand each row and find additional resources.

The IT Catalog​ includes links to public-facing OregonBuys Award Resources Pages where you'll find Buyer's Guides and pricing information under each statewide agreement.
By ​registering ​with OregonBuys you can view agreement documents and begin the process to procure products and services.

Basecamp events may be attended online. You can test your system ahead of time.