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IT strategic sourcing

Enterprise technology architecture

Basecamp staff work closely with the Enterprise IT Governance Office to proactively address upcoming sourcing needs, as well as identifying opportunities to consolidate disparate projects into larger manageable sourcing efforts that will drive down organization procurement costs and reduce administrative expense.
The implementation of an Enterprise Alignment Program enables the State of Oregon to execute business strategies to transform and optimize business functions, information assets, application systems and infrastructures.  
Reduction in the number of supported applications will increase interoperability, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance transparency though increased opportunities for data sharing.  Additional benefits are realized from portfolio alignment, allowing the vetting of vendors, securing of low prices and ensure more sustainable technologies promote alignment, convenience and trust. 

Technology Reference Model (TRM)

Basecamp is being built upon a comprehensive and cohesive technology architecture that ensures interoperability, while minimizing cost and disruption to current systems. Technology Reference Model of products and services that are tried, trusted, verified and secure. Basecamp aims to reduce IT spending and drive enterprise cloud deployment by leveraging statewide purchasing power, reducing IT application and infrastructure complexity and providing a single point reference for legacy, core and leading technology in the state of Oregon.
The Oregon Technology Reference Model Framework represents various technologies that support business and technology capabilities. There are two views of the TRM: business view and technical view.  The TRM is a general tool for mapping technologies to business and technical capabilities; it is maintained by OSCIO Enterprise Alignment program to support a variety of efforts such as “Basecamp” for Strategic IT Sourcing, Architectural Assessments for IT projects, Enterprise Technology Standards and Future State Reference Architectures. 
Benefits of the TRM include:
  • Provides a single point of reference for legacy, core, and leading technology services.
  • Supports interoperability and compliance with minimum security standards.
  • Current Contracts will be mapped to the model to help identify needs

Portfolio alignment

The Basecamp team mapped current statewide IT contracts to our Technology Reference Model. This effort highlights gaps in our current statewide technology offerings and points us to areas of opportunity.  To facilitate the strategic evaluation and priority ranking of enterprise IT investments the team has established grading criteria based on project evaluation principles. The tool has been designed to consider legal or legislative requirements, enterprise strategic alignment, business impact, technical architecture, return on investment, and risk. The creation and use of this tool will result in transparent and objective task prioritization, and allow stakeholders the opportunity to cater our efforts to investments which have the greatest returns.

Basecamp processes

Basecamp staff are currently developing a process of prioritizing opportunities that reflect strategic goals and needs identified in the Technology Reference Model.