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Post-earthquake evaluation

The following information is intended for use by local jurisdictions as they prepare for the evaluation of buildings after a seismic event.

Oregon post-earthquake evaluation resources

Buildings can suffer a lot of damage as a result of earthquakes. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the immediate dangers that these damaged structures may pose. To ensure the safety of the public, post-earthquake safety evaluations may be performed. This guide is intended to be used as a quick reference for completing the process.

Post-earthquake evalu​ation guide

Local building officials may be charged with helping to coordinate post-earthquake evaluations, and are a resource to each other to identify qualified individuals to help in the event of an earthquake.​

Building official contact list​

Individuals on this list have received post-earthquake evaluation training from the Building Codes Division consistent with the Post-earthquake evaluation guide.​

Division post-earthquake training recipients list

Individuals on this list have indicated to the division that they have completed relevant post-earthquake damage inspector training.​

Post-earthquake evaluation volunteer list​

How to volunteer: If you have taken post-earthquake damage inspector training and would like to be added to this list, please use the Post-earthquake evaluation volunteer form​. You may also use this form to have your name deleted from the list.​​​​​

Important information

In using the resources above, local government should consult their legal counsel and emergency planners.
Also, keep in mind the following:

  • This information may not be accessible online in the event of a seismic event. The lists are printable and will be updated with revision dates.
  • When choosing who to enlist to evaluate buildings after an earthquake, consider any potential conflicts of interest of the evaluator and the potential liability of the government agency.
  • Placement on these lists does not necessarily mean a person has the requisite skills to evaluate buildings in the event of an earthquake. Local building officials should determine what skills are necessary for their needs, including consideration of whether the person works for a government entity, whether the person has professional certifications (e.g. engineer), whether the person has inspection certifications (e.g. A-level structural inspectors), and what training the person has completed.
  • Nothing in this information or any other rule or regulation adopted by the division is intended to limit the pool of persons allowed to perform post-earthquake evaluations.

Note: Any state or local government should exercise caution when using non government employed volunteers for post earthquake evaluation or any other work. Appropriate consultation with legal counsel is a necessary step in developing local response plan.

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