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Using the iOS ePermitting App

Oregon ePermitting has launched a new Oregon ePermitting mobile app for contractors and homeowners. The app allows you to search for your permits, schedule inspections and participate in a live video inspection or upload pictures, if your inspector thinks it is appropriate for your inspection. In the future, we also hope to expand the app to include applications for trade permits.

The following instructions will guide you through installing the app and using some of its features. This will be changing over the next several months as we continue refining the new features, so check back for updated “how-tos."

The App is SAFE TO INSTALL ON YOUR DEVICE. You will receive prompts on your iOS device warning you that the file may be harmful or that you need to allow your device to install “unknown apps from this source." It is ok to download and install this app as the file is safe. The notice is there because this version has not been officially released yet. The App will be available on the App Store once we finalize the pilot and release the App statewide.

How to download the iOS Version of Oregon ePermitting App


Follow the setup steps on the webpage. The steps are as follows:

  1. Scan this QR Code and when the notification appears, tap "Open in iTunes". Then a confirmation message will appear please tap on Install.

  2. Follow the setup steps on the webpage.

For the app to work on your device you must complete the following steps after you install the app. Go to the “Setting's" icon on your device, then “General," then “VPN & Device Management." Touch CityGovApp, Inc, then “Trust". (Dark Mode enabled on iOS devices will appear like the following screen shots.)


The app can be downloaded on either an iPhone or an iPad. 

The first time you open the app, there will be two pop ups requesting permission, you will need to say “Allow" in order to use the app.

Location: Select “Allow While Using App." The inspector will need to verify the location for video or photo inspections.
Notifications: Select “Allow". The inspector will be able to send notifications about when they are on their way. 


Next you will need to change the environment to “PROD” when using the app. Touch “Config” and then choose “PROD” from the menu.  You will ALWAYS want to choose “PROD” as this is our production environment that everything is live and active in. All other environments are not live and are only used for testing and development purposes. Then touch the Schedule Inspection button to use the app. 


The first time you use the app, you will need to fill in User Information. This information is required for the app to work, helps the inspector know who they are communicating with, and will auto-fill with the user information you enter when scheduling an inspection.

Note: User information can be changed later by clicking the user information icon. 


From the home screen, you can search for a permit using the Permit Number, Address, or License Number. 


Important Note: During initial testing, we have experienced an issue when first opening the app where the app searches for the permit, address, or license number, then throws an error after searching. If this happens, force close the app and reopen it to try again. It may take a couple tries and then should work fine after that. We are working on this issue to identify the cause.

Once you have found a record, you will see options for:

Inspection History: Shows resulted and scheduled inspections.
Scheduled Inspections: Shows all scheduled inspections for the permit/record.
Schedule A New Inspection: Where a new inspection can be scheduled.


Upload Photos: When an inspector requests photos for an inspection, you can use this button to attach photos for the inspector to review.
Reschedule: If you need to request another inspection date.
Cancel: If the installation is not ready for inspection.
Video Inspection Check-In & Messages: Receive and send messages to the inspector. This is also where a video inspection will be started.


How to upload photos:

You need to be on a scheduled inspection to upload photos. If the inspector requests photos, you will receive a notification from them on the app.

  1. Select Upload Photos.
  2. Select the green plus icon button. You can take pictures with the app or upload pictures from your camera roll.
    Please only upload from your camera roll if you don't have reception on the jobsite.
    All pictures taken in the app are tagged with a GPS location, so inspectors can verify that the pictures were taken at the correct jobsite.
  3. Select Rename if you want to rename the pictures.
  4. Swipe left on the picture to delete the picture.
  5. Select Update once all the pictures loaded so the inspector can see them. 


Start a live inspection

In Video Inspection Check-In & Messages, there is a live chat with the inspector.

You will need to have the Video Inspection Check-In & Messages page open to chat and when the inspector is ready to start a video inspection. 

Before the video inspection, the inspector will send a location verification. This is to verify that you are at the location of the inspection. You must be in Video Inspection Check-In & Messages to see the verification pop up and begin the video inspection.

If this is your first video inspection, you will need to allow the app to access the camera and the microphone.


From there you and the inspector will be on a video call. The inspector will be able to take screenshots of the camera view. 

Menu Overview

Queue – Any photos uploaded from the app will go into the queue. If you have cell service, they will process and submit immediately. If you are in poor service or have no service, they will remain in the queue and will be sent when service is reestablished.

Notifications – Notifications will be sent to your device via the App. In order for notifications to work, you MUST first search for the permit number or address of the permit from the App. For example, a contractor pulls a new permit, then must search for that permit number or address in order to register it on the app and receive notifications. Notifications will auto-delete after 7 days.

Help – (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT) This will take you to an external link with contact information and training resources for the app. This page is currently under construction.

Documents – (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT) This page is currently under construction, with the intent of providing instructional documents as well as fillable forms for Moisture Content or other required information needed by the local jurisdiction. 


Turning Off Notifications (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Notifications can be turned off on any device you use, but if they are turned off you will NOT receive any notifications from the inspector with updates or when the inspection is resulted. Turning off notifications is NOT recommended. To turn off notifications go to your device settings and access the Apps section. From there scroll until you see the Oregon ePermitting App icon and select it. From there you can choose notifications to turn them off or modify the icon badges. 


For immediate assistance contact the Oregon ePermitting Help Desk
Call: 541-240-1256