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Oregon Commission for the Blind

Diversity / Disability Awareness Training  

The Oregon Commission for the Blind offers diversity training in partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS), The Northwest ADA Center​, and other local community agencies. This training is available to human resource professionals, managers, and staff from any interested agency or business. We can provide these training opportunities at our Portland office (where we can also provide a tour of our training center) or bring workshops directly to your place of business.

 Training topics include but are not limited to:
  • Effective strategies for outreach and recruitment to diverse populations Tips and tools to ensure the process is inclusive, accessible, and produces the desired outcomes

  • Best practices for respecting, retaining, and promoting employees with disabilities: Tips and techniques for developing successful employee orientations, career development, and mentoring programs
  • Best practices for providing reasonable accommodations: Tools/resources to fulfill common reasonable accommodation requests, and guidelines for developing reasonable accommodation procedures

  • Technology and accommodations used to promote independence and remove barriers to employment

  • Abilities, range of vision loss, age at vision loss, transition to vision loss, and employment success stories 

  • Identifying and eliminating unconscious bias (misperceptions, fears, or unknowns) 

  • How to cultivate an inclusive culture (from the perspective of a person with vision loss)

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Demo: How to greet and guide a person with vision loss 

We can modify and construct a presentation specifically to fit your company's interests and needs. To schedule a seminar customized for your particular business scenario, please contact Morgan Rincon at (503) 841-8788 or via email at​

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