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Laws & Rules (Including Abuse Reporting)

Laws for the State Board of Licensed Social Workers

Oregon Revised Statutes
NOTE:  The statutory text displayed under the web links below is provided as a courtesy and was produced from material on the Oregon State Legislature's website. In order to avoid confusion, the statutes displayed only reflect language in force as of January 1, 2011.  The official record of Oregon 2011 statutes is the printed published copy of the Oregon Revised Statutes. The text in the web-linked documents below is not the official text of Oregon law. Although efforts have been made to match the text in these documents to the official legal text represented, substantive errors or differences may remain. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of all legal text, including the text in this document. The State of Oregon is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from any errors in or use of these materials. 
Chapter 109: Parent and Child Relationship

Abuse Reporting Information  

Chapter 124: Elder Abuse Reporting

Chapter 419B: Child Abuse Reporting

Chapter 430: Mentally Ill and Disabled Abuse Reporting

Chapter 441: Resident Abuse 

Primary Chapters of Laws for Board of Licensed Social Workers 

Chapter 675: Regulated Social Workers
Chapter 676: Mandatory Reporting Obligations, Processing of Complaints & Misc.

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Rules for the State Board of Licensed Social Workers

Oregon Administrative Rules
Read the current Oregon Administrative Rules governing the State Board of Licensed Social Workers by visiting the Oregon State Archives section and going to Chapter 877.
Temporary Rules to implement House Bill 2345, effective July 1, 2010

Here is a summary of the chapter:

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Procedural Rules

Division 1: Procedural Rules
  • 877-001-0005  Model Rules of Procedure
  • 877-001-0006  Definitions
  • 877-001-0009  Requirements for Certificate of Clinical Social Work Associate
  • 877-001-0015  Required Documentation
  • 877-001-0020  Fees for Certification and Licensing
  • 877-001-0025  Renewals of Authorization to Practice Regulated Social Work
  • 877-001-0028  Transition from one year to two year licensure for Licensed Clinical Social Workers

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Authorization for Graduate Students to Practice

Division 5: Authorization for Graduate Students to Practice Clinical Social Work
  • 877-005-0101  Authorization for Graduate Students to Practice Clinical Social Work

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Board Duties and Procedures

Division 10: Board Duties and Procedures
  • 877-010-0000  Board Meetings
  • 877-010-0005  Quorum Required
  • 877-010-0010  Internal Organization
  • 877-010-0015  Chair's Responsibilities
  • 877-010-0020  Board Communications
  • 877-010-0025  Board Files
  • 877-010-0030  Minutes and Agendas
  • 877-010-0040  Publications
  • 877-010-0045  Charges for Materials and Services

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Division 15: Registration as a Baccalaureate Social Worker and Licensure as a Master's Social Worker
  • 877-015-0105  Rules Applicable to Registration and Licensure
  • 877-015-0108  Eligibility Requirements
  • 877-015-0131  Surrender of Certificate of Registration
  • 877-015-0136  Reissuance of Certificate of Registration
  • 877-015-0146  Inactive Status
  • 877-015-0155  Return to Active Status

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Procedure for Certification and Licensing

Division 20: Procedure for Certification and Licensing
  • 877-020-0000  Definitions
  • 877-020-0005  Rules Applicable to Certification and Licensing
  • 877-020-0008  Licensing Requirements
  • 877-020-0009  Requirements for Certificate of Clinical Social Work Associate
  • 877-020-0010  Plan of Practice and Supervision
  • 877-020-0012  Requirements of Supervision
  • 877-020-0016  Licensing of People Qualified in Another Jurisdiction
  • 877-020-0031  Surrender of License or Certificate  
  • 877-020-0036  Reissuance of Certificate or License
  • 877-020-0046  Inactive Status for Licensees
  • 877-020-0055  Return to Active Status for Licensees
  • 877-020-0057  Re-licensing of Former License Holder   
  • 877-020-0060  Reduced Requirements   

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Criminal Records Check

Division 22: Criminal Records Check
  • 877-022-0005   Requirements Pertaining to Criminal Records Check

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Continuing Education Reporting Requirements

Division 25: Continuing Education Reporting Requirements
  • 877-025-0001  General  
  • 877-025-0006  Types of Continuing Education
  • 877-025-0011  Required Hours of Continued Education
  • 877-025-0021  Reporting Requirements  

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Code of Ethics for Regulated Social Workers

Division 30: Code of Ethics for Regulated Social Workers
  • 877-030-0025  Applicability
  • 877-030-0030  Ethical Responsibility
  • 877-030-0040  Conduct and Reporting Requirements of Regulated Social Workers           
  • 877-030-0070  Ethical Responsibility to Client
  • 877-030-0080  Administrators, Supervisors, and Teachers of Clinical Practice
  • 877-030-0090  General Provisions Governing Conduct
  • 877-030-0100  Retention of Client Records; Disposition of Client Records in Case of Death or Incapacity of Licensee

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Procedures for Handling Complaints to the Board

Division 40: Procedures for Handling Complaints to the Board
  • 877-040-0000  Management of Complaints
  • 877-040-0003  Definitions
  • 877-040-0010  Form of Complaints  
  • 877-040-0015  Notification to Respondent
  • 877-040-0016  Reporting Possible Prohibited Conduct to Law Enforcement Agency
  • 877-040-0019  Procedure for Investigation of Alleged Impairment
  • 877-040-0045  Stipulated Agreement
  • 877-040-0050  Contested Case Hearing


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