BOLI Final Orders
Since 1972, BOLI has conducted more than 600 contested case hearings in which the Commissioner has issued Final Orders interpreting and applying to fact situations the many statutes and administrative rules enforced by BOLI.  Until recently, the Final Orders were published in a total of 30 soft-bound books called BOLI Orders, each containing about 300 pages.  Beginning with BOLI Orders, volume 31, BOLI stopped publishing “hard copy” BOLI Orders and converted to electronic publishing.
As printed in BOLI Orders, each Final Order begins with a caption that includes the case name, case number, and the date it was issued.  Directly under the caption is a synopsis briefly describing the issues in the case, the result, and the statutes and administrative rules involved in the case.  For example:
In the Matter of
Case No. 09-06
Final Order of Commissioner Dan Gardner
Issued August 26, 2006

Respondent failed to complete and return BOLI’s 2005 prevailing wage rate survey by the date the Commissioner had specified.  After considering any aggravating and mitigating circumstances, the Commissioner imposed a $1,000 civil penalty for Respondent’s violation of ORS 279C.815(3).  ORS 279C.815; ORS 279C.865; OAR 839-025-0520; OAR 839-025-0530; OAR 839-025-0540.


Each Final Order included in a volume of BOLI Orders is referred to by a citation that includes the case name, BOLI Orders volume, page number, year of issuance, and appellate history, if any.  For example, In the Matter of Elisha, Inc., 25 BOLI 125 (2004), affirmed without opinion, Elisha, Inc. v. Bureau of Labor and Industries, 198 Or App 285, 108 P3d 1219 (2005).
Each published volume of BOLI Orders may be accessed by clicking one of the links below.  Final Orders that have been recently issued but not yet published in a volume of BOLI Orders may be accessed by clicking on Recent BOLI Final Orders.  NOTE: Depending on your browser, volumes 1-16 may take as long as two minutes to download.
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A list of all Final Orders published in a volume of BOLI Orders may be accessed by clicking on the link to the Table of BOLI Final Orders.  The Table lists all BOLI Final Orders alphabetically by the Respondent’s name, followed by the case citation.  For example, “Auto Quencher, 13 BOLI 14 (1994).”
BOLI also publishes a cumulative Digest that includes summaries of substantive and procedural principles of law set out in all Final Orders currently published in a volume of BOLI Orders.  The Digest may be accessed by clicking on the link to Digest to BOLI Final Orders