How To Request ​Public Records
Oregon Labor and Industries will make available any public record requested by any person, unless the record is legally prohibited or exempt from disclosure.
To request public records, please use one of the following methods:

1.  Our fast and easy online request form.

2.  Submit written requests by:
- Fax:  (971) 673-0762
- Regular mail or hand delivery to: 
Custodian of Records, Bureau of Labor and Industries
800 NE Oregon St., Suite 1045
Portland, OR 97232-2180
Written records requests must include: requester's name, mailing address, phone, email, description of the records requested, whether the request is to view the records in person or receive a physical or digital copy. 
If possible, please include 1) any associated file name and case number and 2) the division you believe to have the records.
Process and Fees - Public Records
Records request process
1) Oregon Labor and Industries receives a completed records request.
2) Oregon Labor and Industries responds to the requester with a letter containing the following:
  • Notice that the records are available or not available;
  • Estimated time required to prepare the records;
  • Estimated cost; and
  • Confirmation form for the requester to return.
3) Oregon Labor and Industries receives the completed confirmation form and full payment from the requester.
4) Oregon Labor and Industries provides the requester a copy of the records as requested. If the requester picks up the records, payment is due at that time. If the request is to view records, payment is due after the records have been viewed.
In accordance with the Oregon Public Records Act, Oregon Labor and Industries has adopted fees for responding to records requests. For a complete list of fees please visit Oregon Labor and Industries rules for Public Record Requests at (OAR 839-030-0010).
Basic Fee Structure**:
  • Costs for staff time for any request taking more than 10 minutes. Staff time will be charged at rates from $31.97 per hour for clerical time to $84.44 per hour for manager's time:
  • Costs for supplies and use of equipment for producing records are:
    • $.25 per page for black and white photocopies;
    • $.60 per page for color photocopies;
    • $.50 per page for copies by fax machine, with a 20 page limit;
    • $2.00 per CD (compact disk), video cassette, or audio cassette;
    • $7.50 per Flash/USB drive.
  • Actual costs for postage or other delivery costs.
  • The costs of any necessary review of the requested public records by the Department of Justice at the rate billed to Oregon Labor and Industries.
**The law allows Oregon Labor and Industries to waive fees upon request if it determines that a waiver is in the public's interest.
Notice Regarding Disclosure of Confidential Information
Oregon public records law provides that agencies must redact confidential information submitted to the agency when the information is not otherwise required by law. Examples include individuals’ residential addresses, telephone numbers, personal email addresses, personal mobile numbers and emergency contact information. (ORS 192.504)
Effective June 1, 2017, Oregon Labor and Industries will not disclose this information relating to an individual under the Public Records Law if the individual advises the agency that the information has been submitted to the bureau in confidence.
Questions, Press Requests and Policy - Public Records
General questions about the process​, price, or status of a records request may be directed to Oregon Labor and Industries' Records Request email.

If you have submitted a request and want to know its status please include a general description of the records you requested, the date of your original request along with your name and phone number. 
Records request email:
​​BOLI records policy and management -  Questions may be directed to:
BOLI Custodian of Records: Cristin Casey at (971) 673-0823 or
Press - Members of the press may submit requests directly to:
Communications Director Jenny Smith at (503) 805-3853 or
Policy - Relevant records request laws and policy:
Records exempt from disclosure under ORS Chapter 192 and other applicable laws.