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All Divisions Current Proposed Rules and Newly Finalized Rules
Rule amendments, adoptions and repeals currently under consideration or recently finalized by the Bureau of Labor and Industries.
Division 1 Wage and Hour Division: Wage Collection
Payment of wages at termination of employment; Maximum hours of work in certain industries; Wage Security Fund administration; Group health insurance termination notification.
Division 2 BOLI: Procedural Rules
Rules regarding administrative rulemaking; Investigative subpoenas, Adoption of Attorney General’s Model Rules of Procedure. 
Division 3 Civil Rights Division: Complaint Procedures
Rules about the procedures for processing complaints filed with the Civil Rights Division.
Division 4 Civil Rights Division: Retaliation for Opposition to Health and Safety Hazards
Prohibiting discrimination for opposing unlawful practices under Oregon Safe Employment Act (OSEA), making a complaint or bringing a proceeding under OSEA or testifying in opposition to health and safety hazards.
Division 5 Civil Rights Division: Protected Classes and Activities, Theories of Discrimination
Employment, housing and career school discrimination based on protected class; Accommodation of employee religious practices; Commissioner's complaints; Obtaining or using employee/applicant credit history; Discrimination based on employee jury duty, child support obligations; Employer discrimination against or failure to accommodate victim of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault or stalking; Employer access to employee/applicant social media accounts.
Division 6 Civil Rights Division: Injured Workers, Persons with Disabilities, Veterans
Prohibition against discrimination or failure to reinstate or reemploy injured worker; Rights of persons with disabilities in employment, places of public accommodation and state government services and programs; Disability lifts in transient lodging; Veterans’ preference in public employment; Discrimination based on uniformed service.  
Division 7Wage and Hour Division: Oregon Sick Time
Joint employment; Front loading; ​Hours accrued; Number of employees; Use of Sick Time; Payment; New businesses; Notice by employee; Verification and certification; Notice by employer; Exemption; Unlawful employment practice; Civil penalties.
Division 8 Pay Equity​
Definitions; Seeking and Screening Job Applicants; Work of Comparable Character; Bona Fide Factors; Benefits as Part of Compensation; Reductions in Compensation; Posting and Notice Requirements; Violations 
Division 9 Civil Rights Division: Leave Laws
Oregon Family Leave Act; Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking; Oregon Military Family Leave Act.
Division 10 Civil Rights Division: Protections for “Whistleblowing” Disclosures by Employees
Disclosures regarding violations of election laws;  Disclosures by nursing staff; Discrimination for reporting violations of law or aiding in a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding;  Disclosures by public employees.
Division 11 Apprenticeship and Training Division: Career Training for Workers
Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council; Local Committees; Joint Committees; Apprenticeship and Training Standards; Youth Apprenticeship; Investigative Subpoenas. 
Division 14 Wage and Hour Division: Farm Worker Camp Operators
Licensing; Examinations; Bonds and deposits; Records; Posting requirements; Enforcement; Civil penalties; Denial, suspension, or revocation of license; Access to telephone.

Division 15 Wage and Hour Division: Labor Contractors
Licensing; Examinations; Proof of ability to pay wages; License protests; Required forms; Records; Posting requirements; Action against bond or deposit; Payment of worker’s expenses; Civil penalties; Emergency suspension of license; Private right of action.

Division 17 Wage and Hour Division: Private Employment Agencies
Contracts; Job order and referral; Disputes between agencies; Enforcement; Rebate of charges; False advertising; Civil penalties; Waivers; Recordkeeping; Employment listing services.

Division 19 Wage and Hour Division: Civil Penalties for Child Labor Violations
Civil penalties; Exemptions.

Division 20 Wage and Hour Division: Minimum and Overtime Wages and Working Conditions
Minimum wage, Deductions from minimum wage; Overtime; Hours worked/ Working conditions; Rest and meal periods; Recordkeeping; Posting; Exemptions; Civil penalties.

Division 21 Wage and Hour Division: Employment of Minors
Hours; Rest and meal periods; Working conditions; Prohibited employment; Recordkeeping; Posting; Age verification; Employment certificates; Reporting; Short duration employment; Door to door sales; Agriculture; Entertainment industry; Civil penalties; Exemptions.

Division 25 Wage and Hour Division: Prevailing Wage Rates on Public Works
Coverage determinations; Special wage determinations; Forms; Contract requirements; Records; Posting; Payment of prevailing wage rate; Fringe benefits; Overtime; Apprentices; Enforcement; Exemptions; Art; Fees; Circumventions; Civil penalties; Rate determinations.  

Division 26​ Wage and Hour Division: Employee Work Schedules
Definitions; Covered Employees and Integrated Enterprises; Good Faith Estimate of Work Schedule; Advance Notice of Work Schedule; Right to Rest between Work Shifts; Record Retention Requirements; Collective Bargaining Agreements and Other Contracts; Unlawful Employment Practices​.

Division 30 BOLI: Public Records Requests; Personal Service Contracts
Division 50 Administrative Prosecution Unit/Forum: Contested Case Rules 
Division 51 BOLI: Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications