Beginning Leave Laws in Oregon
Technical Assistance for Employers: Seminars
The Oregon Family Leave Act and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act have fundamentally altered how employers administer company leave programs. These laws are complex and often interrelated. Without proper training, even the best of intentions may not protect your managers from straying into a legal minefield. During this six-hour training session, our trainers focus on the legal requirements of OFLA and FMLA and provide practical tips and resources to meet those requirements.

Topics include:
·        Eligibility requirements
·        Qualifying leave "events"
·        Notification requirements
·        Medical certification
·        Company leave policies
·        Use of paid leave
·        Notification requirements
·        Reinstatement
·        Leave tracking
·        Leave laws and attendance policies
·        Managing misuse
The seminar is targeted toward human resources personnel, business owners, managers, supervisors, and anyone who is responsible for administering a company leave program.