Technical Assistance for Employers: Seminars

Few decisions have a greater impact on the long-term success (or failure) of a business than those that have to do with selecting the right person for the job.

While no applicant is a perfect fit, at a minimum the right person should have the necessary...

  • Knowledge, skills and abilities to hit the ground running,
  • People skills to interface with your organization and clientele, and
  • Motivation to begin making a valuable contribution without constant supervision.

Of course, finding that person consumes time, energy, and resources.  In addition, legal requirements place a number of significant restrictions on how potential employers go about advertising positions, soliciting applications, interviewing candidates and conducting background checks.  A misstep here can create room for a potential complaint or lawsuit around issues like employment discrimination, negligent hiring or invasion of privacy.

This seminar will focus on how consistently applied legal hiring procedures can help to identify the best qualified job candidate for a particular position without running afoul of the law.

Who should attend?  

This seminar is designed for small business owners, human resources managers and specialists, office managers, recruitment specialists, staffing/temporary employment agencies personnel, managers and supervisors who are responsible for the hiring processes and decisions and Equal Employment Opportunity employers who are committed to non-discriminatory hiring practices.
What are the topics?
·       Job Analysis
·       Position Descriptions
o   If an employer has prepared a written description before advertising or interviewing applicants for a job, the position description shall be considered evidence of the essential functions of the job.
·       Recruiting/Job Announcements
·       Applications
o   Dealing with unsolicited applications and résumés
·       Selection Criteria
·       Interviews
o   Interview questions to avoid
o   Appropriate interview questions
·       Medical Examinations and Inquiries
o   How do deal with recreational marijuana applicants
o   How to deal with medical marijuana applicants
·       Job References
·       Background Checks
·       Non-competition Agreements
·       Recordkeeping
o   Record retention for the successful candidate who is hired and unsuccessful candidates who are rejected
·       Orientation
o   Should on-the-job training time be compensable?  At what rate?
How does the seminar benefit you? 
Information from this seminar will help you understand the legal requirements in hiring and reduce the litigation costs and exposure to employment discrimination claims.