Technical Assistance for Employers: Seminars

In this two-day seminar, we will have comprehensive discussions of the legal requirements under Oregon and Federal wage
and hour laws from the time a new employee is hired to the point of termination/resignation of employment and cover some
of the pre-employment and post-termination issues.
Specific topics will include:

• You’re hired – W-4 Form and the I-9 Form
• When does the pay period end and when is payday?
• Timesheets or timecards
• Time is money
• Overtime
• Deductions
• Methods of Paying Employees
• Minimum Wage
• Exemptions
• Final Paychecks
• Lost Paychecks
• Post-termination Issues
• Volunteers, Independent Contractors & Interns
• Meal and Rest Periods and Lactation Breaks
• Child Labor
• Wage Claims
• Penalties

The seminar is targeted toward payroll specialists, payroll managers, office managers, accountants, controllers, finance
directors, in-house counsel on labor and employment matters, human resources staff, small business owners, etc.