All employees need the right tools and work environment to perform their jobs.  Some of those employees have unique needs that give rise to legal obligations for employers.  Among those employees are individuals with disabilities, those who are or recently were pregnant, injured workers, those who have sincerely held religious beliefs, and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or harassment.  These folks may need, and be legally entitled to, additional resources or accommodations to effectively perform job duties.  In this informative and interactive session, we will cover the wide range of accommodation issues that may arise in the workplace. 
Topics covered will include:
·        Americans with Disabilities Act and Oregon’s disability laws
·        OFLA/FMLA leave and temporary job reassignments
·        Injured worker re-employment and reinstatement
·        Pregnancy accommodation
·        Religious accommodation
·        Reasonable workplace safety accommodations for certain crime victims
·        Family friendly workplace policies and practices
·        Documentation
·        The “interactive process”
·        Examples of reasonable accommodation
·        What to do when the accommodation involves an undue hardship or a direct threat
This session will include tips and best practices for employers and time for Q&A.