Portland Sick Time Ordinance 

Portland City Code Chapter 9 is effective January 1, 2014. That ordinance establishes requirements for eligible persons working in the City of Portland to accrue and use protected sick leave.
Generally, the ordinance requires all employers to grant one (1) hour of sick leave (for qualifying reasons) for every 30 hours worked by an employee within the City of Portland, with a maximum employee accrual entitlement of 40 hours per year and employee eligibility to use accrued leave commencing after the employee has been employed by the employer for 90 days and has worked 240 hours within the City.
Employers with 6 or more employees are to provide the leave as paid time, while employers with 5 or fewer employees may provide the leave as unpaid time.
The Ordinance requires all employers to post a notice of the Ordinance, which can be downloaded from the City's website:
The City has made a template Notification Letter to Employees available for download in Word format and in PDF format.
For more details on this ordinance, see the City of Portland’s website at:  www.portlandoregon.gov/sicktime/
Persons with questions or concerns about this ordinance should contact the City of Portland:
Portland City Hall
1221 SW 4th Ave, Rm 110
Portland OR 97204
Phone: 503-823-3994