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Manufacturing: Daily Overtime and Maximum Hours Restrictions
The statutes below set out daily overtime and maximum hours of labor in manufacturing establishments

ORS 652.010 Declaration of public policy concerning maximum working hours in certain industries.
(1) It is the public policy of this state that no person shall be hired, nor permitted to work for wages, under any conditions or terms, for longer hours or days of service that is consistent with the person´s health and physical well-being and ability to promote the general welfare by the person´s increasing usefulness as a healthy and intelligent citizen.

(2) It hereby is declared that the working of any person more than 10 hours in one day in any mill, factory or manufacturing establishment or the working of any person more that eight hours, exclusive of one hour, more or less, in one day, or more than 48 hours in one calendar week in sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills and logging camps is injurious to the physical health and well-being of such person, and tends to prevent the person from acquiring that degree of intelligence that is necessary to make the person a useful and desirable citizen of the state.
ORS 652.020 Maximum working hours in certain industries; overtime hours and pay.
(1) No person shall be employed in any mill, factory or manufacturing establishment in this state more than 10 hours in any one day, or in sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills and logging camps more than eight hours, exclusive of one hour, more or less, in one day or more than 48 hours in one calendar week, except logging train crews, watchmen, firemen and persons engaged in making necessary repairs, or in the case of emergency where life and property are in imminent danger. However, employees may work overtime not to exceed three hours in one day, conditioned that payment be made for said overtime at the rate of time and one-half the regular wage.

(2) No employer shall require or permit any person to work in any place mentioned in this section more than the hours provided for in this section during any day of 24 hours. No employer shall permit or suffer an overseer, superintendent or other agent of the employer to violate this section.

(3) This section does not apply to persons employed in the care of quarters or livestock, conducting messhalls, superintendence and direction of work or to the loading and removal of the finished forest product.
(4) Subsections (1) and (2) of this section do not apply to employees who are represented by a labor organization for purposes of collective bargaining with their employer, provided limits on the required hours of work and overtime payment have been agreed to between the employer and labor organization, or if no agreement is reached, then, for the purposes of this subsection, such limits and payments shall not be deemed to be changed from the previous collective bargaining agreement between the employer and labor organization unless the employees have been locked out, are engaged in a strike or the employer has unilaterally implemented new terms and conditions of employment. [Amended by 1989 c.852 §1; 1991 c.67 §157; 1999 c.59 §190]
ORS 652.030 Enforcement of ORS 652.010 and 652.020 dependent upon like laws in other states. ORS 652.010 and 652.020 shall not be enforced insofar as they relate to working hours in sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills and logging camps until laws containing like provisions regarding working hours in such places of employment in the States of California, Washington and Idaho become effective in each of those states respectively.


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