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The Life of a Workers' Compensation Claim
Technical Assistance for Employers: Seminars
As an injured worker's claim meanders through the workers' compensation system it may intersect with OFLA / FMLA. If the on-the-job injury is severe enough, it may also result in a disability requiring workplace accommodations.

In this seminar, we will help you navigate the complexities of the workers' compensation system, administer the OFLA / FMLA paperwork, track the protected leave, deal with the injured worker’s return to work and any related accommodation issues.
Who should attend?
This seminar is designed for Oregon employers who carry workers’ compensation insurance, the business owners who pay the insurance premiums, workers’ comp claims administrators, human resources managers and specialists, office managers, payroll professionals who are responsible for processing workers’ comp claims and/or family leave requests and employers who are looking for legitimate ways to reduce their workers’ comp costs.
What are the topics?
·          Processing a workers comp claim versus defending a negligence lawsuit
·          Claim initiation processes from filing an incident report to Form 801
·          Investigation of a workers’ comp claim
·          Administering OFLA/FMLA leave before/after a claim is denied/accepted
·          Dealing with the injured worker’s re-employment with a light-duty release and possible reasonable accommodation issues
·          Dealing with the injured worker’s re-instatement with a full-duty release
·          Providing or not providing group health insurance coverage during the injured worker’s long absence
·          Workers’ Comp hearing
·          Appealing a decision, settle or litigate
·          Keys to success
·          Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums exemption on a Preferred Worker
·          How to obtain reimbursement for the cost of any new injury claim on a Preferred Worker during the premium-exemption period
·          How to obtain reimbursement for half of the gross wages paid to a Preferred Worker during six months on the job
·          The available money to pay for worksite accommodation of the Preferred Worker if it is needed
·          Your questions and our answers
How does the seminar benefit you? 
Information from this seminar will help your employer or business reduce its workers’ comp costs and exposure to injured worker discrimination claims.