Door to Door Sales Registration Application  

For Employment of Minors in House-to-House Sales

Oregon statute and rules prohibit the employment of a minor under the age of 16 to act as a canvasser, a peddler, or an "outside salesman" as that term is defined by ORS 653.010(7).
Minors 16 and 17 years of age may be employed to perform this work provided the employer obtains and maintains a validated registration certificate issued by the Bureau.
The form set out below may be used to request or renew such a registration certificate. In some cases, the Bureau may require additional information from you.
Registration certificates for door to door sales work expire on June 30 of each year and must be renewed by July 1.

Requirements When Hiring 16 or 17-Year-Old Minors 

Review Oregon Administrative Rules 839-021-0067 and 839-021-0265 (available online here) and note the hours and transportation restrictions in the rules.
In the case of a minor who wants to provide his/her own transportation, the employer shall obtain the written consent of the minor's parents or legal guardian and maintain such written consent in the employer's files.
No minor may be transported to another state without the express written consent of a parent or legal guardian of the minor.
Before allowing the minor to begin work as an outside salesperson, canvasser, or peddler from house to house, you must issue an identification card for the minor's use while in your employ.   Pursuant to OAR 839-021-0265(11), the card must include:
  • A 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” photograph of the employee;
  • The name of the employee;
  • The name and local address of the employer;
  • A statement to the effect that the employee is authorized to represent the employer as a canvasser, peddler or outside salesperson;
  • A statement to the effect that the employer is registered with the Bureau of Labor and Industries, 800 N.E. Oregon #1045, Portland, OR 97232 (971-673-0763);
  • A statement that the card is not valid for any other employer.
Sample cards will be provided upon request.
IMPORTANT:  The identification card must be carried by the minor, and shown to any prospective customers whom the minor solicits for sales.
Other Requirements of the Law:
1.  Paid rest periods of at least 15 minutes must be provided during each four-hour work period or major part thereof.
2.  Meal periods of at least 30 minutes must be provided during any work period of six or more hours.
3.  If an employee is fired, all wages earned are due no later than the end of the first business day after discharge.  If an employee quits with 48 hours or more notice, wages are due the last working day.  If any employee quits without at least 48 hours’ notice, wages are due in five days or on the next payday, whichever occurs first.
For additional information regarding the above, please call any Bureau of Labor and Industries office.