Emailing Certified Payroll Reports:

Farm / Forest Labor Contractors may submit certified true copies of payroll records in person, by regular mail or via email.
NOTE: Payroll records submitted electronically must conform exactly to the procedure set forth below:
  1. The certified true copy of payroll records may be submitted electronically by email in PDF format ONLY.
  2. The email submission should be sent to
  3. The email subject heading must be “Certified True Payroll Record.”      
  4. The email submission should otherwise comply with all the reporting requirements of OAR 839-015-0300 with regard to the information contained within the certified true copy of payroll records.
  5. Each email submission of certified true payroll reports must include a completed wage certification statement, in PDF format, containing the certification attestation language as specifically set forth on the second page of form WH-141. (Form WH-141 is available online at the farm / forest labor Forms Directory. You may also request a copy of this certification be emailed to you in Microsoft Word format by calling our license unit at 503-373-1463.)
  6. An electronic signature of the licensed contractor or the contractor’s authorized representative must be included on the completed certification statement.  Please be advised that electronic submissions received by the bureau at any other email address, or in any other format, other than as set forth above will not constitute compliance with the filing requirements for certified true copy of payroll records.
Please do not use the address for any other communication purposes other than submitting certified true copies of payroll reports. You will receive an automatic message reply when you submit your payroll report to the electronic email address. You should contact us immediately in the event you do not receive the automatic message reply at any time you submit a payroll report.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our license unit at 503-373-1463.