Farm / Forest Labor Contractor

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Each of the following farm/forest labor contractor forms listed below is available for download as a pdf file.


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​ ​Form Name English Spanish
​​License Application Packet Complete ​Complete
Contains Core Application and All Supplemental Forms, as well as Blank Pages for 2-sided Printing
License Application Packet - Employee Indorsement ONLY Indorsement Indorsement
​Contains Core Application and Required Supplemental Forms for the Employee Indorsement License ONLY, as well as Blank Pages for 2-sided Printing
​​​License Application Packet - Component Forms
​Application Information Sheet WH-31 WH-31S
​Privacy Act Statement WH-194 WH-194S
​Required Contents for Completed Applications WH-34 WH-34S
​Application Form WH-37 WH-37S
​Vehicle Information Sheet WH-150 ​​WH-150S
​Certified Statement for Private Non-Profit Corporations WH-35 ​-
​Certified Statement (for "exempt" reforestation contractors only) WH-56 ​-
​Sponsorship Statement for Employee of F/FLC Contractor WH-36 ​-
​Notice Related to Tax Compliance Certifications WH-190 ​-
​IRS Form 8821 Form 8821 ​-
​IRS Tax Compliance Certification form WH-191 ​-
​Oregon Employment Department Tax Compliance Certificate form WH-193 ​-
​Oregon Department of Revenue Tax Compliance Certification form WH-192 ​-
​Information Regarding Documentation of Financial Responsibility ​WH-126 WH-126S
​Instructions for Completion of Farm Labor Contractor Bond ​WH-157A ​WH-157AS
​Farm Labor Contractor Bond WH-157 -
​Instructions for Completing the Trust Agreement WH-122B ​-
​Trust Agreement WH-122A ​-
​Agreement for Assignment of Deposit Account WH-123 -​
​Information for Obtaining a Bond/Cash Deposit Reduction WH-148 WH-148S
​Application for Reduction in Surety Bond/Cash Deposit WH-124C -​
​Application for Aggregate Bond/Cash Deposit Reduction WH-124B ​-
​Required Notices to Workers WH-151A WH-151AS
​Rights of Workers WH-151 WH-151S
Disclosure Statement & Work ​Agreement WH-153 WH-153S
​Notice of Compliance WH-155 WH-155S
​Agreements between Contractor and Farmers and/or Owners/Lessees of Land WH-152 WH-152S
​Statement of Earnings WH-154 WH-154S
​Information on Deductions English -​
​Instructions for Completing Certified Payroll Form WH-141 WH-142 WH-142S
​Certified Payroll Form WH-141 -