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Coverage Determinations Issued - 2014
Prevailing Wage Rate (PWR) coverage determinations issued by the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries pursuant to ORS 279C.817 are listed below.  
The requester of a determination and any person adversely affected or aggrieved by a determination are entitled to a hearing as provided by the Administrative Procedures Act ORS 183.413 to 183.470 and ORS 279C.817 .
Hearing requests must be received by the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Wage and Hour Division, within 21 days from the date the determination is mailed. (See additional information regarding hearings and hearing requests on the last page of the determination.)
​Project: 85 Stories Group 2
Requested By:​ ​Home Forward
​Date Issued: ​December 8, 2014
​Project: ​85 Stories Group 1
​Requested By: ​Home Forward
​Date Issued: ​December 8, 2014
​Project: ​NAYA Generations, Revised
​Requested By: ​Guardian Real Estate Services LLC
​Date Issued: ​December 3, 2014
​Project: ​Village East, Revised
​Requested By: ​Guardian Real Estate Services LLC
​Date Issued: ​November 13, 2014
​Project: ​J.C. Penney Building Renovations
​Requested By: ​R3 Development, LLC
​Date Issued: ​November 6, 2014
​Project: SE Portland DMV Remodel and Associated Improvements
​Requested By: ​Oregon Department of Transportation
​Date Issued: ​November 5, 2014
​Project: West Park II Office Building
​Requested By: ​St. Laurent Properties
​Date Issued: ​September 29, 2014
​Project: Materials Recovery Facility
​Requested By: ​Garten Services, Inc.
​Date Issued: ​September 26, 2014
Project: Rosewood Plaza
​Requested By: ​Human Solutions, Inc.
​Date Issued: ​September 24, 2014
​Project: ​Cove Avenue Apartments
​Requested By: ​Chrisman Development, Inc.
​Date Issued: ​August 20, 2014
​Project: ​WPI Proposed Development and Phase 1 of Revised Cove
​Requested By: ​Woodley Properties, Inc./Clackamette Cove LLC
​Date Issued: ​August 20, 2014
​Project: Addendum to ​​WPI Proposed Development and Phase 1 of Revised Cove
​Date Issued: ​October 28, 2014
Requested By: ​Edgewater Village, LLC
​Date Issued: ​August 18, 2014
​Project: Abigail Apartments
​Requested By: ​BRIDGE Housing Corporation
​Date Issued: ​July 25, 2014
Project: Sunrise Vista Apartments
​Requested By: ​Luckenbill-Drayton & Associates, LLC
​Date Issued: ​July 11, 2014
Project: Employment Department Relocation
Requested By: ​Oregon Employment Department
​Date Issued: ​July 9, 2014
Project: Phase 1 and Phase 2 of The Cove in Oregon City – Amended
Requested By: ​Clackamette Cove LLC
Date Issued: ​July 3, 2014
Project: Health Education Center
Requested By: ​Local Government Law Group PC on behalf of Pacific Communities Health District                       
Date Issued: ​June 11, 2014
Project: Miracles Central
Requested By: ​Guardian Real Estate Development, LLC
Date Issued: ​June 5, 2014
Project: ​Julian Hotel (2014)
Requested By: ​Northwest Housing Alternatives
Date Issued: ​June 4, 2014
Project: Larson Creek Fish Passage
Requested By: ​Bear Creek Watershed Council
Date Issued: ​May 23, 2014
Project: Hydroseeding Maintenance Contract
Requested By: ​Washington County
Date Issued: ​May 12, 2014
Project: Gold Beach Apartments
Requested By: ​Neighbor Works Umpqua
Date Issued: ​April 28, 2014
Project: Orchards at Orenco - Phase 1
Requested By: ​REACH Orenco LLC
Date Issued: ​April 7, 2014
Project: Scio-Tel
Requested By: ​Oregon Emergency Management
Date Issued: ​March 19, 2014
Project: Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Cove in Oregon City
Requested By: Clackamette Cove LLC
Date Issued: March 18, 2014
Project: Courthouse Security Upgrade and Commissioning
Requested By: ​Jackson County
​Date Issued: March 5, 2014
Project: Heritage Heights Apartments
Requested By: CASA of Oregon
Date Issued: ​February 26, 2014
Project: King-Parks Housing Project
Requested By: Piedmont Community Developers, LLC
Date Issued: ​February 21, 2014
Project: Bascom Village Phase 1
Requested By: ​St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc 
Date Issued: February 19, 2014
Project:​ Woodland Square
​Requested By: Innovative Housing, Inc.
​Date Issued: January 23, 2014
Project: Erickson-Fritz
Requested By: ​Innovative Housing, Inc.
Date Issued: ​January 14, 2014
​Requested By: Housing Authority of the City of Salem
​Date Issued: January 8, 2014