Resources and Contacts

Questions about wage issues including minimum wage, overtime, unpaid wages, unlawful deductions, rest and meal periods and working conditions - Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries - 971-673-0844  Email:
Questions about Oregon Live Entertainment issues - Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries - 1-844-304-BOLI (2654)  Email:
Crimes or illegal activity - Call 911 in emergencies or contact the local police department or County Sheriff.
Suspected human trafficking (recruiting, transporting, selling or buying of people for the purpose of various forms of exploitation) - National Human Trafficking Hotline   -  1-888-373-7888.
Food safety/sanitation and public health issues - Local (County) health departments.
A problem with a business that serves or sells alcohol - Oregon Liquor Control Commission - 1-800-452-6522.
Workplace safety and health issues - Oregon OSHA - 1-800-922-2689.
Injured worker rights and benefits - Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services, Workers Compensation Division - 1-800-452-0288.
Tax questions or problems - Oregon Department of Revenue - 1-800-356-4222.
Toll-free Entertainer Rights Hotline - Have questions or want information about your rights?  Call 1-844-304-BOLI (2654) for assistance or to make a complaint.  Complaints may be made anonymously and confidentially.
Addictions and Mental Health
Crisis service providers by County - Community Mental Health programs  
Oregon Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Services Directory 
Immediate Trauma and Crisis Assistance
24-hour crisis lines - Lines for Life Call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)