Filing a Wage and Hour Complaint

BOLI's Wage and Hour Division accepts complaints that are filed within 180 days of the date on which the alleged violation first occurred - if you feel that your employer has violated wage and hour laws, you may file a complaint with the Portland office of the Bureau of Labor and Industries' Wage and Hour Division.
Complaints may involve any of the following:
  • Child labor issues, such as working too many hours or too late, working during school hours.
  • Break and meal periods, such as no breaks or meal periods given, no relief during a meal period, or no compensation during break periods.
  • Deductions from paychecks including incorrect deductions, deductions for breakage or till shortages, or deductions not properly listed on the pay stub.
  • Final paycheck problems such as the final paycheck is not received in a timely manner or not received at all.
  • Other examples such as no pay stubs included with paychecks or irregular pay periods.
If your complaint is for unpaid wages, do not file a complaint. Instead, you need to complete and submit a Wage Claim form.


Complaints regarding Oregon’s sick leave law are processed separately from complaints regarding general wage and hour violations. Please visit our pages on the Oregon sick leave law for more information and the appropriate complaint form.


You may submit a complaint by:
  1. Filling out and submitting our online form in English or Spanish; or
  2. Downloading and filling out the PDF of our complaint form in English or Spanish and then mailing it to:
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Wage and Hour Division
800 NE Oregon Street #1045
Portland, OR 97232
The Wage and Hour Division will send a letter advising your employer of the alleged violation(s). The letter includes a warning directing the employer to comply with state regulations regarding alleged violations.
Pursuant to the Public Records Law, the information provided on this complaint form, including the name of the complainant, is disclosable and may be provided upon request to the business against which the complaint is filed.  However, to the extent permitted by the law, BOLI will not disclose the complainant’s residential address, personal telephone numbers, and personal email address if the complainant requests that this information remain confidential.  While you are not required to include your name or contact information on the complaint form, be advised that if the information provided is not sufficient or there are any questions regarding the complaint and we are unable to contact you, no further action may be taken.

Additional Information

Contact the Wage and Hour Division.
Online:  Email:
Telephone:  971-673-0844 (Ore. Relay TTY: 711). Se habla español.
Rev 04/2017