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Press Releases

3.5.19 BOLI and Oregon Legislature reach settlement in sexual harassment complaint

1.21.1Statement from BOLI Commissioner Val Hoyle in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2019

1.11.19 BOLI and Oregon Legislature agree to try conciliation in civil rights complaint

1.3.19 Read the Oregon State Legislature Substantial Evidence Determination: STEMSH180801-11138.pdf

11.27.18  Pamplin Broadcasting Release

Read the Final Order here: #9-18 10-18​

9.13.18 BOLI Legacy Release​ 

Read the Legacy Good Sam Notice of Intent here: 88-18 Legacy Good Sam NOI

Read the Legacy Mt Hood Notice of Intent here: 90-18 Legacy Mt Hood NOI

Reach the Legacy Meridian Park Notice of Intent here: 91-18 Legacy Meridian Park NOI

4.6.18 Top five things to know about the Earned Income Tax Credit

3.15.18 Lioness Holdings, LLC dba Tan Republic ordered to pay $200K in civil penalties for meal and break violations AMENDED

2.22.18 Avakian statement on Duck Stop civil rights disability ruling

1.30.18 Civil rights report looks at Measure 11 impacts on youth, makes policy recommendations

Read the report here: Youth and Measure 11 in Oregon

12.29.17 BOLI letter regarding implementation of HB 3279

12.28.17 Avakian statement on Sweet Cakes civil rights ruling

12.4.17 Oregon expands career readiness with $10.3 million investment in 205 schools

11.2.17 Legacy Emanuel will pay $277K in civil penalties for meal and break violations

Read the Final Order on Default here: 29 17 Legacy FOD

11.1.17 BOLI will investigate unpaid wage claims from former Si Casa Flores workers

10.10.17 BOLI announces Douglas County housing settlement in family status civil rights case

10.5.17 Avakian statement on Sessions memo and transgender employment protections

10.5.17 BOLI Final Order directs $1 million to victim in Stars Cabaret civil rights case

Read the Final Order here: 37 16 Frehoo Stars Final Order wo Appendixes 

Read Appendixes here: Stars Final Order Appendixes

10.3.17 BOLI Employment Law Conference will help employers navigate workplace protections

8.11.17 BOLI selects new administrative law judge, chief prosecutor with deep experience

8.10.17 Avakian statement on Multnomah County Sheriff's Office veterans civil rights ruling

7.19.17 Avakian statement on Stars Cabaret Proposed Order

Read the Proposed Order here: 37-16 Frehoo Stars PO w Appendixes

7.11.17 Avakian letter on future plans

6.30.17 Wage settlement includes $20K in civil penalties ten year ban on public projects

Read the Final Order Incorporating Informal Disposition here: 05 17 WCI Construction FOID w Agreed Settlement

6.29.17_ Avakian statement on passage of predictable and fair scheduling legislation

6.23.17 BOLI announces settlement in poker room worker misclassification case

Read the Final Order Incorporating Informal Disposition here: 55 16 Encore FOID w Consent Order

6.20.17 Avakian announces settlement in Stars civil rights case

Read the Final Order Incorporating Informal Disposition here: 37 16 Frehoo Stars FOID for AP1 only and Agreed Settlement

5.30.17 BOLI directs $45,000 to unpaid EcoCab drivers

3.31.17 Wage settlement includes $23K in damages, one year ban on public projects

Read the Final Order Incorporating Informal Disposition here: 25-16 Armiger Acoustical FOID

3.17.17 Da Yang Seafood to pay $60K in civil penalties under BOLI Consent Order

2.17.17 Eastern Oregon employment law seminars will offer expert compliance advice for local businesses

1.27.17_BOLI directs $17,000 to unpaid film crew workers

1.13.17 BOLI employment law seminars will help employers understand workplace rules

11.30.16_Avakian statement on passing of Attorney General Hardy Myers

10.28.16 BOLI Employment Law Conference will help employers navigate workplace protections

10.6.16 Apprenticeship study looks at diversifying the highway construction workforce

Read the report here: Still Building A More Diverse Skilled Workforce in the Highway Trades

9.28.16 BOLI announces major wage theft settlement in Cornerstone Janitorial case

Read the Final Order here: Cornerstone FOID with Settlement Agreement

9.2.16 BOLI Final Order directs $66,000 to underpaid workers on two public projects

Read the Final Order here: 80-15 Brown's Architectural Final Order

8.31.16 BOLI announces public comment period on sick time rulemaking

8.29.16 Oregon coast employment law seminars will help businesses navigate new workplace rules

8.26.16_Southern Oregon employment law seminars will help businesses navigate new workplace rules

6.15.16_BOLI announces minimum wage rules reflecting stakeholder input

Read the final rules here: Final Minimum Wage Rules

6.14.16_BOLI announces employment law and sick leave-related seminars

5.12.16_BOLI removes barrier to civil rights filings

4.27.16_BOLI directs $60,000 to 25 unpaid GR Roguewood workers in southern Oregon

4.21.16_New apprenticeship initiative will promote respectful, harassment-free workplaces

4.15.16 BOLI announces public comment hearing on minimum wage rulemaking process

Read the draft rules here: Proposed Minimum Wage Rules

4.13.16 Avakian statement on veterans preference civil rights ruling

4.6.6 Avakian files formal charges of unlawful discrimination and harassment of minors against Stars Cabaret

Read the Formal Charges here: Frehoo Stars Notice of Hearing

Read the Notice of Intent here: Frehoo Stars Notice of Intent

4.5.16 Additional 100 workers to receive nearly $1 million from SOU wage collection settlement

4.4.16 US Department of Labor, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries sign agreement to protect workers from misclassification

4.1.6_BOLI will host Pacific Northwest Apprenticeship Education Conference

3.18.16 BOLI announces minimum wage rulemaking process 

3.2.16_BOLI moves to debar contractor Evan Williams, impose penalties

Read the Final Order here: Final Order 37 13.pdf

2.17.16 BOLI finds substantial evidence of unlawful discrimination and harassment in Stars investigation

2.09.16 Avakian files anti-retaliation complaint against flagging contractor

Read the complaint here: AD Traffic Commissioner's Complaint

2.3.16 New live entertainment hotline provides information on workplace protections, resources

1.27.16_BOLI announces employment law and sick leave-related seminars

1.12.16_Oregon expands career readiness with $9 million investment in hands-on learning for 142 schools

Read more CTE grant details here: CTE Revitalization Grant Summary Information 2016-2017

12.30.15 Avakian announces major $2.5 million wage collection settlement

Read the settlement agreement here: SOU Settlement Agreement

12.22.15 BOLI finds evidence of unlawful retaliation in Cornerstone whistleblower investigation

Read the complain here: Vargas_complaint

12.10.15_BOLI announces sick leave related seminars for employers

Read the sick time rules here: Permanent Sick Time Rules

12.2.15 BOLI Final Order_Adult foster care home violated civil rights of whistleblower

Read the ruling here: Blue Gryphon FO

11.23.15 BOLI recovers nearly $200,000 for 46 workers in Cornerstone investigation

10.14.15_BOLI issues Advisory Opinion on Employment Status of Uber Drivers

Read the Advisory Opinion here: Advisory Opinion on the Employment Status of Uber Drivers

10.9.15 BOLI announces statewide sick time rulemaking hearings for public input

9.16.15_Avakian announces 2016 minimum wage increase

8.14.15 Avakian warns of labor compliance poster scam

8.12.15 Avakian files sex discrimination and harassment charges against Stars Cabaret

Read the complaint here: Commissioner's Complaint_Stars (Freehoo)

7.29.15 BOLI orders damages in wage theft retaliation case against Hey Beautiful salon

Read the ruling here: Hey Beautiful Enterprises FO

7.2.15 BOLI rules on Sweet Cakes discrimination case

Read the ruling here: Sweet Cakes FO

7.1.15_Wage seminars will help constructors with Oregon's Prevailing Wage Survey

6.26.15_ Avakian statment on historic marriage ruling

6.10.15_ Avakian statment on passage of sick days legislation

5.26.15 Avakian and community leaders urge skills investment during school tours

5.20.15_Avakian praises the passage of Pay Transparency (HB 2007) through key committee

5.8.15_Ashland seminars will help employer navigate difficult employees, wage and hour law

5.4.15 Public hearing March 15th on proposed rulemaking and amendments to OAR 839-002-0026

Statement: Statement Rule Hearing 002 0065 May 2015

Notice: Notice Rule Hearing 002 0065 May 15 2015

Rule hearing memos: Rule Amendment 839-002-0065 Hearing 2015, Rule Hearing Memo Div 2 subpoenas 2015

4.24.15 Statement on Sweet Cakes Proposed Order

Read the Sweet Cakes Proposed Order here: Sweet Cakes Proposed Order

4.15.15 BOLI investigation finds minimum wage violation in Ace of Spades claim

4.10.15_Roseburg seminars will help contractors, public agencies navigate wage Prevailing Wage Rate laws

2.2.15 BOLI Interim Order finds Sweet Cakes discriminated against same-sex couple in bakery civil rights case

Download the Interim Order here: BOLI Sweet Cakes Interim Order

1.29.15 Avakian announces settlement in Daimler racial discrimination cases

1.28.15 State Settles Housing Discrimination Case

12.11.14 Few states utilize available federal dollars for gender diversity in construction jobs

Download the IWPR/GreenWays report: Untapped Resources, Untapped Labor Pool

11.13.14 Business and education leaders urge school innovation for economic growth

11.10.14 BOLI Final Order finds Duck Stop Market violated customer's civil rights

Download the Duck Stop Final Order here: Duck Stop Market

10.22.14 BOLI expands Daimler civil rights investigations as more employees step foward

Download the Barker complaint here: Barker complaint

Download the Burley complaint here: Burley complaint

Download the Fouad complaint here: Fouad complaint

Download the Pierce complaint here: Pierce complaint

10.8.14 BOLI will investigate additional allegations of racial discrimination at Daimler

Download the complaint here: Harris complaint

10.8.14 BOLI will offer free seminars on prevailing wage laws

10.1.14 Avakian files racial discrimination charges against Daimler

Download the commissioner's complaint here: Daimler Commissioner's Complaint

9.25.14 BOLI will help landlords navigate Section 8 protections, housing law

9.17.14_Avakian announces 2015 minimum wage increase for 141,000 workers

Download chart: Bureau of Labor and Industries_Wage Chart_2015

9_12_14 BOLI Employment Law Conference will help employers navigate workplace protections

8.07.14 BOLI recovers $20,000 in wages for workers on Pearl District park project

6.26.14 Construction firm will pay civil penalties for meal and rest period violations in BOLI settlement

5_8_14_BOLI prevails in fire fighter overtime case

5_8_14_Career technical education grants expand hands-on learning to more than 200 schools

4.29.14 BOLI Final Order fines company in race discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation case

4.15.14 BOLI debars Hard Rock Concrete

4.14.14 Settlement reached in K+O Contracting wage and retailiation complaint

4.7.14 Top 10 things to know about equal pay in Oregon

3_17_14 State Settles Housing Discrimination Case Involving Disability Service Dog

3_11_14 Commissioner Avakian, Sen. Roblan and Rep. McKeown tour of Reedsport shop class will highlight skills investment

1_30_14_Eastern Oregon seminars will help employers navigate hiring, civil rights, and wage and hour laws

1_27_14_Oregon Council on Civil Rights highlights wage gap in Oregon, policy options

Download the Oregon Council On Civil Rights' Pay Inequality Report: Pay Inequality Report 

Download the PPT here: Pay Inequality in Oregon

1_17_14_BOLI finds substantial evidence of unlawful discrimination in bakery civil rights complaint

1_16_14_BOLI prevails in Oregon Supreme Court “successor in interest” case

1_7_14_Major investment in career technical education will expand hands-on learning to 140 schools

Download grant summary: 2014 CTE summary-of-all-grants-awarded

12.26.13_Top five things to know about Oregon's 2014 minimum wage increase

12.4.13 Avakian announces 2014 BOLI Business Award

11.21.13 Avakian urges LGBT workplace protections citing Oregon's experience with state Equality Act

Download letter: ENDA letter to Speaker Boehner

10.14.13_Avakian helps recover $113,000 in unpaid wages for 37 Oregon workers

10.2.13 BOLI Business Leadership Awards seeks nominations for outstanding Oregon employers

09.26.13 BOLI seeks pre-apprenticeship proposals to support women and minorities in the construction trades

9.17.13_Avakian announces 2014 minimum wage increase for nearly 100,000 workers

8.30.13_BOLI Final Order_P Club discrimination violated Oregon law

8.14.13_Same-sex couple files formal civil rights complaint with BOLI against Gresham bakery

8.08.13_Upcoming seminars will help employers navigate record keeping, documentation and discipline laws

7.26.13_Young women can build great careers in construction trades

7.18.13_Avakian will discuss economic competitiveness at Ashland Rotary

7.08.13_Workforce diversity report shows progress, but gaps remain

6.26.13_Avakian praises new worker protection against wage violations

6.26.13_Avakian on DOMA ruling_Oregon controls its own destiny

6.25.13_Avakian highlights modern learning at InFocus

05.31.13 Senate passes bill to provides civil rights protection to unpaid interns

4.22.13 Court of Appeals denies stay of enforcement in Bend religious discrimination judgment

4.16.13_Avakian helps recover $113,000 in unpaid wages for workers on Portland reservoir project

3.14.13 Avakian touts Oregon experience at federal minimum wage hearing

3.11.13 Avakian will serve as lead witness at Congressional minimum wage hearing

2.20.13_Avakian creates online resource for public

1.29.13 Avakian files formal charges in P Club discrimination case

1.21.13 Oregon Labor Commissioner Avakian issues MLK Day message​