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File a complaint

What is the complaint process?

We will review your complaint form and court complaint to be sure the complaint is in our jurisdiction and was filed properly. We will notify you in writing whether we can process your complaint. If we can, we hold the complaint pending the outcome of the court case.

How long does it take to process a complaint?

Once a court issues a judgment ordering the contractor to pay damages and this is submitted to the Construction Contractors Board, final processing will take at least 60 days. It could take longer if other complaints have been filed.

Can I just get a judgment first and then file it with my complaint?

No. The law requires that complaints against a commercial bond be filed with this agency and the contractor’s bonding company before a hearing is held or a judgment is issued.

I have a valid complaint so why can’t I just apply to the CCB and get my money?

Oregon law requires that a court award damages before a commercial bond may be accessed.

Complaint filing deadlines

Why are the deadlines for filing complaints so strict?

The law sets out the time frames and doesn’t make exceptions.

The contractor kept saying he would fix the problem but did not. Why can’t I file a complaint past the one year?

The law sets out the time frames and doesn’t make exceptions.

I did not find any problems with the work until after the time to file passed. Why can’t I file a complaint within one year of the date I found the problems?

The law sets out the time frames and doesn’t  make exceptions.

Why do I have a one-year limit to file a complaint when I have a five-year warranty?

Your warranty is part of your personal contract with the contractor. Not all terms of the contract are in the CCB’s jurisdiction. There is no provision in Oregon law to extend those limits because of your contract.


I am a lumber yard. Why do I have to give an address where the lumber was installed to file a complaint?

Oregon law requires an address where a product was installed to access a bond. If you do not know where material is installed, there is no way to determine if the complaint was filed correctly or whether a commercial or residential bond is responsible. If you cannot provide an address where a product was installed, that does not prevent other efforts to collect that unpaid bill.

The contractor is calling and harassing me. What can I do?

Call an attorney or your local law enforcement agency.