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File a complaint

​How to file complaints against contractors

If you file a complaint with us and it is in our jurisdiction, our dispute resolution staff will do their best to help you reach a settlement with your contractor. 

Also, we can only help if the contractor was licensed during your construction project. If the contractor was unlicensed, our enforcement staff may be able penalize the contractor and encourage him or her to address your concerns.

The booklet, Resolving Disputes Packet.pdf, offers additional information on filing complaints. For payment disputes with another contractor, see Payment Disputes Between Contractors: What to know.

Before you file your complaint

  • You must give the contractor notice by certified mail that you intend to file a complaint with the CCB. You must mail this notice at least 30 days before you file the complaint.
  • If the notice is returned or the contractor refuses to accept delivery, you can still file your complaint 30 days after you mail the notice by certified mail.  ​
  • We have a pre-complaint notice​​ that you can use to generate a notice. 

​​Complaint forms 

Complaints with us must be filed within strict time limits. Learn more about time limits.  All complaints must be filed against licensed contractors using one of these forms:

Property Owner-Complaint form Res and Small Comm.pdf

Prime Contractor Complaint form Res and Small Comm.pdf

Subcontractor and Material Supplier Complaint Form.pdf

Employee Complaint Form.pdf

Property Owner Prime Contractor Complaint Form Large Comm.pdf

You may have to pay a $50 processing fee. We will let you know after we review your complaint to determine if we have jurisdiction.