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File a complaint

Once you file a complaint…

  • If you are an owner, we schedule an on-site meeting between you and your contractor.

  • A mediator comes to your project site and listens to both sides.

  • If you reach a settlement, we’ll type up an agreement.

  • If no settlement is reached, you can go to court and ask for a judgment against the contractor. We will provide a copy of our observations if applicable from a mediation attempt. CCB does not generally make statements regarding work quality.

  • If you obtain a court judgment and the contractor does not pay you, you may be able to collect from the contractor’s bond.

  • If you already filed in court or you already have a judgment, file the complaint but also include a copy of your filed court complaint and a certified copy of your judgment. A certified copy is a copy of the judgment document signed by the judge that the court clerk stamps and certifies as a true and correct copy of the original.


If you think you have a dispute, file a complaint promptly. Bonds are for limited amounts and there may be multiple people seeking restitution. 


Obtaining a court judgment
If mediation doesn't produce a settlement between two parties, the complainant may file in court. These documents describe the process from two points of view:

Going to Court- CCB Complaints.pdf