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Contractor tools

Display your CCB number

All contractors must include their CCB license number on everything from business cards to site signs. 

The number should include “CCB” and then your license number (for example, CCB #123456). You can also include the words “Licensed and bonded.” 

License numbers are required on: 
  • Business cards
  • Written bids
  • Building-related contracts
  • Advertising, including websites, telephone book, newspaper, radio and television ads.
  • Business letterhead
  • Business signs at construction sites
  • Written inspection reports
  • Business vehicles with signage

Promotional items

CCB numbers are encouraged but are not required on promotional items where it is not practical to include them such as pens, pencils, bug deflectors, refrigerator magnets, etc.

Numbers are also not required on clothing or uniforms for sports teams sponsored by construction businesses.

Your CCB number helps homeowners verify a license

Potential customers who see your license number on your business cards, bids, etc. can quickly confirm your license status on our website or by calling 503-378-4621.  

Many homeowners call the CCB to check on contractors but don’t know the owner’s name or the correct spelling. If we can’t find your license number, you may lose work because people think you’re unlicensed.  


Violating OAR 812-003-0120 by failing to provide a CCB number can bring a fine of up to $400.  


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