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​Report unlicensed contractors

We strive to help contractors comply with the law. This adds value to legitimate contractors while protecting workers and homeowners.

We investigate these types of violations of contractor law:

  • Working without a construction contractors license
  • Claiming to be exempt from workers’ compensation while having employees 
  • Failing to display a CCB license number on most advertising
  • Working with pre-1978 homes without a special lead-safe license
  • Hiring unlicensed subcontractors
  • Working on projects without the proper license endorsement (you’re a residential contractor working on a commercial project, for example)
  • Working without the required surety bond or general liability insurance.

Problems with a fellow contractor?

We help mediate disputes between homeowners and contractors as well as those between contractors and employees, suppliers, and subcontractors. 

However, the dispute must involve a licensed contractor and must have occurred within strict timelines. You can also check out our publication Payment Disputes Between Contractors: What to know.

Learn more about filing complaints​.

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Report illegal activity

Get help starting or growing your business from Oregon's 19 Small Business Development Centers. Free one-to-one business advising. Find contact information for the 19 centers on this page​.

Retainage Information for Contractors, June 2020 Bulletin

View the CCB bulletin.pdf

Who is an independent contractor?

Get alerts when the status of a license changes

Find out when any license expires, is suspended or goes inactive. Monitor your own license, or your subcontractors'. Watch this video to learn how.