Exemptions from continuing education

Some residential and commercial contractors with other Oregon licenses are exempt from CCB continuing education. Here's a list:

  • Architects (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed architect)
  • Developers
  • Engineers (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed engineer)
  • Electricians (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed electrician)
  • Plumbers (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed plumber)
  • Boiler contractors
  • Elevator contractors
  • Renewable energy contractor
  • Pump installation contractors
  • Limited sign contractors
  • Landscape contractors who are construction contractors
  • Home inspectors (must still complete continuing education for the home inspector certification but no longer for the CCB license)
  • Master builders (if actively licensed as such through the Building Codes Division)
Contractors endorsed for both commercial and residential work need only meet the commercial education requirements. They are exempt from the residential requirements.

      Specialty licenses 

      ​Persons with these specialty (limited) licenses do not have to complete continuing education for their CCB license:

      • Home services contractors
      • Residential locksmith services contractors
      • Home inspector services contractors (must still complete education for the home inspector certification)
      • Home energy performance score contractors        ​​​​​​​​​