​Government agencies

  • The CCB awards continuing education credit for courses offered by U.S. government agencies (state, federal and local) even though these courses may not be listed in the Coures Catalog. The courses must:

    • Be at least an hour in length.
    • Pertain to the business or trade aspects of your contracting work.
    • Provide you with a course completion certificate that shows the length of the course and the date of completion.

Where do I send course completion certificates?

Where can I find free Oregon OSHA safety courses? 

  • Find Oregon OSHA courses in the "Safety​" section of this catalog.

What kind of agency classes are available?

  • Many agencies offer courses that count for credit but aren't listed in this catalog.  Call the CCB if you have questions: 503-934-2227.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries​ ​ ​(BOLI) ​ ​ ​

Live seminars


Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

ODOT Training and Certification