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Want to become a continuing education provider?

The Construction Contractors Board must approve all continuing education providers and the individual classes they offer to residential contractors. 

Apply to offer residential continuing education

Applicants fill out an online application to become a provider (see "How to apply" at the bottom of this page). Once approved, you submit individual courses for approval. 

All residential contractors must take five hours of  courses every two-year renewal period. Additionally, they must take three hours of laws and regulations courses from the CCB. 

Contractors that have less than six years experience (and whose responsible managing individual also has less than six years experience) must take an additional eight hours of courses. 

Approved topics:

  • Building codes
  • Safety
  • Construction business practices, including bidding and estimating
  • Business law
  • Marketing and customer service
  • Accounting 
  • Trade-specific subjects (such as roofing, excavation, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency courses
  • Environmental hazards (lead, asbestos, radon, mold, etc.)

Other requirements

  • Be registered to do business in Oregon  

  • Explain in writing how you resolve complaints by students, including length of time to contact complainant and method of response. 

  • Explain in writing the process for canceling or refunding requests from students. If you do not permit cancellations or refunds, state that in writing. Explain how the policy is ​provided to students. 

  • Describe attendance verification procedures. 

  • Employ or contract with instructors who have at least four years' work experience or four years of education, or any combination of both, in the subject that they instruct. 

  • Notify the agency within 24 hours if you change or add course types or if you change or add instructors.  

  • Provide course completion certificates to students. Certificates must include your name, the date the course was taken and how many hours of credit were awarded. 

  • Education providers can upload course completion information to the CCB. Or, contractors can submit course completion certificates to​. Contractors must have their CCB license number on the certificate or include it in the email to the CCB.

  • Maintain records available for agency to inspect for at least six years.

How to apply

  • Create an online account with the CCB.

  • You will then receive an email with further instructions​. 

  • Once you are approved as a provider, you will see a link called new course application form. This asks  for basic information such as the course name and description, cost (the CCB does not regulate how much you charge), how many hours it will entail, how many times a year it will be offered, etc.

  • Once you submit that  information electronically, the CCB will send an email outlining any additional documents we need to approve the course. 

  • Once you provide the final documents, we will notify you that your course is approved and issue a course ID number.

  • Your course will be added to our Course Catalog with a link to additional information, including your website. Students sign up and pay through you.

  • When contractors take courses, we will credit the contractor’s education record.​​​




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