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​​How much education do I need?

Education requirements for commercial contractors are based on their Level 1 or Level 2 status.  

You must meet these educational requirements every two years. When you renew your license, you will be asked to certify that you did so, and the CCB may audit your records.

If audited, the CCB sends a letter requesting certain information. For Level 1 contractors, this includes the number of key employees at the business specified on the last renewal.

  • Level 2 commercial general  or specialty contractors need: 32 hours of education completed by key employees.​ 
  • Level 1 commercial general or specialty contractors need: 
    (Based on key employees specified on the last renewal)

    • 5 or more key employees: 80 hours
    • 4 key employees: 64 hours
    • 3 key employees: 48 hours
    • 2 key employees: 32 hours
    • 1 key employee: 16 hours

Who ​are key employees?

A key employee is an owner or employee who is one of the following:

  • Corporate officer 
  • Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Foreperson
  • Lead person
  • Any other person who supervises construction activities 

Who can take classes?

One key employee or multiple key employe​es can complete class requirements.​​​​

What courses qualify?

Commercial contractors can take a variety of courses on construction methods or business practices to meet their continuing education requirements. The CCB does not need to pre-approve courses.

Who can offer courses?

The CCB does not approve individual education providers for commercial continuing education. By law, providers can be: 

  • Community colleges, colleges, universities 
  • Trade schools 
  • Trade or business associations* 
  • Professional societies 
  • Private companies 
  • Public agencies 
  • In-house training 

 *This can include workshops and trainings held at trade shows but you must provide the CCB with a course completion certificate.

Do I need to report my education?

Keep a record of all the education completed in case of audit. The CCB can ask to see proof that you completed all required hours. ​Some education providers will report course completions to the CCB; in that case, we may be able to verify you met the requirements without asking you to send documents.

​Licensed for commercial and residential?

Contractors licensed for both commercial and residential work are subject only to the  commercial continuing education requirements. ​​​​​​

Exemptions from continuing education

Some residential and commercial contractors with other Oregon licenses are exempt from CCB continuing education. Here's a list:

    • Architects (if an owner or officer is an Oregon-licensed architect)
    • Developers
    • Engineers (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed engineer)
    • Electricians (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed electrician)
    • Plumbers (if an owner, officer or employee is an Oregon-licensed plumber)
    • Boiler contractors
    • Elevator contractors
    • Renewable energy contractor
    • Pump installation contractors
    • Limited sign contractors
    • Landscape contractors who are construction contractors
    • Home inspectors (must still complete continuing education for the home inspector certification but no longer for the CCB license)


Education help


You are welcome to take courses from this catalog but are not limited to these courses.

Commercial CE Audits

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