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How to upload course rosters

You will need to log into your CCB account for this process.

Information needed:

  • Provider ID #

  • Class ID #

  • Class date

  • Student’s legal last name

  • Student’s legal first name

  • CCB license number

  • Business name  of the CCB Licensee

  • Student status  (O=Owner; E=Employee; L=Leased employee)

  • Student email address

​Under Manage Students tab

  • Choose Add a class roster

  • From the dropdown box, enter the course you want to upload student information for 

Two options to upload student information 


  1. Enter the information in spaces provided. Be sure to complete the information required in the correct cell. 

  2. Press Submit

  3. When done, click the verify button 

By class 

  • Enter the student information on the Student Upload Record Form. Located:​

  • Be sure to complete the information required in the correct cell. 

  • Only one class (course) per sheet.

  • Copy all the cells (but not the title cells), and paste the information into the Import from Excel tab. From a PC, a quick method to select all is to hold the control key and press A. 

  • Check the box certifying the records are complete and accurate.

  • Press validates.

  • Once all records are accepted (and corrected if needed), press the verify button.

Entry Error 

Incorrect or missing information will be highlighted:

Red: Means the record cannot be submitted as entered and must be corrected.

Yellow: Means that the record contains either missing or duplicate information but can be submitted.

Students with more than one license

Enter the student information for each license. The information (except the license number, name and status) must match exactly. ​​​​​​​

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