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Consumer help

Questions for prospective retrofitting contractors

  • Are you licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board?  (Only licensed contractors may perform earthquake retrofits.)

  • What experience do you have performing earthquake (seismic) retrofits?

  • What exactly does the process involve?

  • Will you need to obtain a permit for the work?

  • If my retrofit requires the services of a professional engineer, do you have one on staff or one that you ordinarily work with? 

  • What is the charge for a standard engineering plan?

  • What, approximately, will the work cost if no engineering is required?  Can you provide a square foot price?

  • If I have items in my (unfinished) basement, what happens to them?

  • If I have a fully finished basement, can my house still be retrofitted?  Will it cost more?

  • Do you have past customers that I may contact?  (Ask for at least three names and phone numbers).

  • Do you warranty your work?  For how long?