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First: Is your contractor licensed?

The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) believes the best way to a successful home improvement, repair or new home project is to know your contractor.

Checking a contractor’s license can tell you:

  • If the contractor is actively licensed and has a surety bond
  • If the contractor submitted proof of liability insurance when first licensed and at renewal
  • If the contractor is licensed to work on pre-1978 homes that could contain lead-based paint
  • If the contractor carries workers' compensation insurance to protect its workers
  • If the contractor had any complaints or disciplinary actions filed with the CCB in the past 10 years

Other reasons to use a licensed contractor

  • The CCB can help mediate disputes between you and a contractor but only if the contractor is licensed. 
  • Licensed contractors can be held accountable if something goes wrong. 
  • Only licensed contractors are able to get the required building permits.
  • Licensed contractors have completed training and passed a test about laws and business practices for construction contracting. 

Checking skills

Oregon does not require contractors - other than plumbers, electricians and a few other specific trades - to have training in construction. That's why it is important to check references and research a contractor's specific skills once you verify the business is licensed.​​

Finding a reliable contractor

Rob Yorke, retired Oregon commercial contractor, discusses how to hire a reliable contractor and avoid problems on your next project.

Part 1- Prequalification 

Part 2- Get bids
Part 3- Negotiate a contract
Part 4- Manage the work





This guide offers tips for finding and working with a contractor.  

This guide offers tips to realtors working with contractors.

KATU interview with the CCB


CCB Enforcment Manager Stan Jessup talks about how to hire a licensed contractor.

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