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​​Responsible Managing Individual (RMI)

Most endorsements are required to have a Responsible Managing Individual (RMI). The RMI may be an owner, officer, partner, or employee of the business applying for the license. The RMI must have management or supervisory authority over the construction activities of the business. The RMI may only be listed on one license at a time as the RMI employee.

To qualify to be the RMI, the individual must:

  • Complete the 16-hour pre-license training and pass the Oregon contractor exam, OR
  • Pass the NASCLA commercial contractor national exam and pass the Oregon contractor exam, OR
  • Provide one or more Oregon license numbers that the owner, officer, member, or RMI has been continuously associated with during the time period beginning before July 1, 2000, until the date of their application, with no lapse of more than 24 months.
  • Not be listed as an RMI emoyee on another license

The RMI must also complete a background check after turning in the application to the agency.

Important Note: Under Oregon law, if a contractor fails to pay its obligations and incurs construction-related debt, the RMI as well as the business owners will be prevented from obtaining a new CCB license until the debt has been satisfied.

What happens if the RMI leaves the business?

If the RMI leaves the business, the business must notify the CCB in writing immediately. The business will need to submit an RMI change form to appoint a qualified individual as the new RMI. Since the qualification process does take some time, you should also designate a temporary RMI and submit a temporary RMI form. This temporary designation is only valid for a maximum of 14 days.

Businesses may want to consider having more than one RMI to ensure there are no work interruptions if there is an unexpected loss of an RMI.

Which licenses aren’t required to have an RMI?

The following endorsements do not need and RMI: Residential Developer, Residential Locksmith Services Contractor, Home Inspector Services Contractor, Home Services Contractor, Home Energy Performance Score Contractor, or Residential Restoration Contractor applicant.



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