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What is a home energy assessor?

A home energy assessor is an individual who assigns residential buildings a home energy performance score using a scoring system  adopted by the Oregon Department of Energy. 

Individuals providing this service must be certified by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) after completing the training approved by the Energy Department. 

Required association with a CCB license

IMPORTANT: Oregon law requires that this certification associate with a business licensed by CCB before performing home energy assessor services. The business may be licensed as a residential contractor.   

Or, if the business is exclusively conducting home energy performance scoring, it can be licensed with CCB as a home energy performance score contractor.

How to obtain a home energy assessor certification

  • Pass a training program approved by the Oregon Department of Energy​.  Approved training programs are listed on the Home Energy Assessor Training Certification Form.​
  • Complete the Home energy assessor training certification form
  • Submit the completed training certification form with the training completion certificate to: Oregon Department of Energy, HEPS Program, 550 Capitol St NE, Salem OR 97301, or email
  • If the Energy Department approves the training, it will send a signed copy of the Home Energy Assessor Training Certification Form to the applicant.  If not, the applicant will receive notification that the training was not valid.
  • Submit the training certification form to CCB, WITH a Home Energy Assessor Certification Application. 
The Home Energy Assessor Certification Application must specify the number of the existing CCB license it will be associated with OR be submitted with a completed application for a new CCB residential contractor license.

​How to renew a home energy assessor certification

The home energy assessor certification​ must be renewed every year by submitting the renewal application and $100 fee. The renewal application will be mailed to you approximately 30 days before your expiration date.

Deactivation or transfer of home energy assessor certification

Oregon administrative rules require each home energy assessor to hold, or work under a current CCB license and home energy assessor certificate. If any of the following occur, the home energy assessor certification associated with that license will become deactivated and scoring software accounts will become deactivated, preventing future scoring:

  • CCB license expires
  • Home energy assessor certification expires
  • Home energy assessor disengages employment with an organization holding an active CCB license 

Each home energy assessor must notify the Oregon Department of Energy and program implementation staff about changes in home energy assessor licensing status.

A home energy assessor certification may be reinstated or a new certification produced once the individual has fulfilled proper CCB licensing and certification steps or is employed under a new company with a valid license.

Form to add or remove energy assessor 

To transfer your Home Energy Assessor certification from one license to another, complete and submit this Request to Add or Remove Certified Home Energy Assessor  form.  There is no fee. ​

CCB Fees 

  • The application fee is $100.
  • The one-year license fee is $100.
  • The annual renewal fee is $100.

More information

  • For help with Energy Department processes: Roger Kainu, 503-580-7469
  • For help with CCB’s processes: Angie Warkentin, 503-934-2211



​Energy Department

Click here​to find the Department of Energy's home energy assessor page.