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What you need to know

Address change: Notify the CCB in writing of any address change for your Home Inspection Certification within 10 days. [OAR 812-008-0065].This is separate from the CCB license address change. [ORS 701.117]

Written contracts and reports: All home inspections require a written contract, signed by the home inspector and the client prior to performing the inspection. [812-008-0202(2)(a)]. A written inspection report is also required [812-008-0202(2)(c)] once the inspection is completed. The CCB requires no specific format for either. Consult with an attorney to make sure your contracts and reports comply with the rules.

Standards of Practice: All home inspections must be done according to the Standards of Practice and Standards of Behavior [812-008-0200 thru 812-008-0214]. If you and your customer agree that certain categories will not be included in the inspection, changes must be stated in the written contract [812-008-0202(2)(a)(C)].

Repairs of inspected structures: Certified home inspectors may not offer to do, bid to do or actually perform any repairs on a structure inspected by the business within 12 months of that inspection. [ORS 701.450]

Advertising: You may advertise and hold yourself out as an “Oregon certified home inspector” if you are certified by the CCB. Contractors who are not certified but who are allowed by law to do home inspections (those continuously licensed with the CCB as a General Contractor from 1991-1997) may NOT  hold themselves out as an Oregon certified home inspector. [OAR 812-008-0030(3)]

Insurance coverage: The CCB does not require coverage other than the liability insurance and bond you have as a CCB licensee. Errors and Omissions insurance is not required.

Independent Contractor status: If an exempt business wants to add a home inspector employee, print the Independent Contractor Status​ form on our website. Change your status to nonexempt before hiring.

Renewing: Renewing your home inspector certification is your responsibility. You should receive your renewal form about 30 days prior to your certification expiration date. If not received, call our customer service at 503-378-4621 to request a duplicate form. Certifications are renewed every two years. It is important that you don’t let your certification lapse.  Renewing your CCB business license is separate from your home inspector certification renewal. 

Use of CCB license number: Your business’ CCB license number (for example: CCB #12345) is required in all written contracts, bids and inspection reports; advertising; business cards; and business letterhead stationery [OAR 812-003-0120(2)].

Use of your number: Your individual home inspector certification number (for example, OCHI #123) is required on all written reports, bids, contracts and individual business cards.[ 812-008-0202(4)]

Home inspector number not transferable: It is against the law to loan your certification number to another inspector for their use. [OAR 812-008-0060(7)]

Consumer notice:  All certified home inspectors are required to submit the Home Inspection Consumer Notice to the customer at the time of the contract. 

Enforcement: Violations and civil penalties are in Division 5 of the Oregon Administrative Rules (for a copy, call 503-378-4621 or go to If you wish to report a business illegally performing home inspections or if you have any enforcement questions, call the CCB at 503-378-4621. You may also file a report on our website. CCB staff takes anonymous enforcement reports. Businesses performing home inspections in Oregon without proper certification and license may receive civil penalties of up to $5,000 per offense.

Continuing education: Continuing education is required for all certification renewals.