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What happens if the person who finished the required training leaves my business?

You must see that another employee is trained so you can demonstrate that you employ a certified renovator.

What does the rule require other than t​raining/licensing?

The rule requires that properly certified and licensed renovators:

  • Have at least one certified renovator on staff to oversee renovation, repair or painting projects 
  • Follow lead-safe work practices to prevent lead contamination  
  • Provide any non-certified workers with on-the-job training 
  • Educate owners/occupants of the structure about lead paint
  • Maintain certain records for three years  

Can I test for lead-based paint?

Contractors who hold a Lead-Based Paint Renovation license can test for lead-based paint but must use an approved EPA test kit. 

What are the penalties for violating lead regulations?

  • Under Oregon law, contractors found violating the lead paint renovation rules can be fined up to $5,000 per violation per day. The Construction Contractors Board can suspend a repeat offender’s Lead-Based Paint Renovation license. 
  • The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can impose fines as well as jail time. The EPA can also suspend or revoke a contractor’s certification to handle lead paint.

If I’m the general contractor and don’t hold a Lead-Based Paint Renovation License, can I subcontract the work to a business that is properly licensed? 

No. Even if you are not performing the renovation, offering to perform renovation requires you to hold the Lead-Based Paint Renovation license.

Do I need a Lead-Based Paint Renovation License for total demolition?

No. Renovation does not include demolition even if the structure is target housing built before 1978. However, you may be subject to waste disposal requirements.