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Locksmith certification

Who needs a locksmith certification?

Any person who services, installs, repairs, rebuilds, rekeys, repins or adjusts locks, hardware peripheral to locks, safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes or mechanical or electronic security systems, unless exempt under ORS 701.490.
The certificate is required in Oregon even if you hold a locksmith license or certification in another state.
Most of the application process is online. However, once you complete the online steps, you must still associate your locksmith certification with a CCB license. (See details below.)

These are the online steps: 

  1. Register for an Online Services account.      
  2. Reque​st Locksmith Certification as an online service. 
  3. Fill out the application.   
  4. Pay for the application and test ($60 each).   
  5. Take the test.   
  6. Complete the Criminal History Information.   
  7. Pay $60 for the two-year certification.  

You must have Internet connection and be able to pay the renewal fee using a credit or debit card. 

Criminal history

The criminal history portion of the online application  requires you to provide information about any criminal history. Conviction of any of the following crimes in the past seven years may disqualify you for certification. 

  • Murder 
  • Kidnapping 
  • Assault in the first degree 
  • Rape 
  • Sodomy 
  • Unlawful sexual penetration 
  • Arson in the first degree 
  • Robbery in the first or second degree 
  • Burglary in the first or second degree 
  • Theft in the first or second degree 
  • Theft by extortion 
  • Aggravated theft in the first degree
If you disclose any of these crimes, you will be asked to submit more information to the CCB.

Locksmith certification test

The testing fee is $60. The online test consists of 80 questions using the following reference materials: 

The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing 6th Edition 

  • Author: Bill Phillips 
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill 
  •  ISBN number: 978-0-07-144829-1
​This book can be purchased at most bookstores or online. It includes a practice test.

The Locksmith Dictionary © 2009 

  • Developed by the Lock Industry Standards and Training Council 
  • Click here​ to download/view. 

Questions answered incorrectly during the initial test will be displayed at the end of the 80 questions. You can review those questions, locate the correct material and answer again until you have answered all questions correctly.

Get started

Click here to begin the certification process​

Associating your locksmith certification with a CCB license

Before we activate your certification, you must  associate your locksmith certification with a residential construction contractor license (such as a residential general or specialty license).

If the CCB license already exists, the owner or responsible managing individual should log into their CCB Online Services account. From the Business License Detail screen: 
  • Click on "Associate NEW OCLS" (under the heading "Additional license/certificates")
  • Type in the locksmith certificate number
  • Click "Add"
If you are applying for a new CCB license, learn how to get licensed on this page of our website.

If your business provides locksmith services exclusively, you may apply for a residential locksmith services contractor license. However, under this license you may ONLY provide locksmith services. (See definition above.) You may not provide ANY other construction services. For example, if a door or door jamb is damaged during a lock installation, you are not legally allowed to fix the damage OR arrange for someone else to fix the damage.


Once associated

Contact CCB to activa​te your certificate. You may do so by:

  • $60: Applicaton
  • $60: Testing
  • $60: Two-year certification
  • $60: Renewal for two years