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Chief Education Office

The mission of the Chief Education Office is to build and coordinate a seamless system of education that meets the diverse learning needs of Oregonians from birth through college and career. The Chief Education Office is currently the only agency charged with planning, policy and coordination across the entire spectrum of a student’s journey through the education system and into the workforce.

To fulfill this mission, the Chief Education Office has been charged by the Legislature under statute to convene and coordinate across education sectors, state education agencies, boards and commissions, stakeholders and communities to ensure an equitable, culturally-responsive system of education; to review and monitor attainment of state education goals; and to ensure successful student transitions between early learning and K-12 education and K-12 education and higher education. 

The Chief Education Office is also charged under statute to work in tandem with the Quality Education Commission (QEC) to identify best practices and the costs and benefits of adopting best practices; to provide strategic direction to the Network for Quality Teaching and Learning and coordinate the establishment of the Educator Advancement Council; and to develop, maintain and report on longitudinal data.  

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